Purposeful Chair Purchase: Mind the Fabric

When planning out home makeovers, we often have the big picture in mind primarily, which is the sort of furniture we surround ourselves with, and its placement. Yet, despite considering the materials it’s made of, we don’t give upholstery that much of a thought, or even if we do, it’s mostly that of the sofa. This post is meant to tell you chair upholstery, as much as the chair itself, is just as important.

What’s in upholstery? Apart from the utmost comfort it can provide, it has a role in the interior décor too. Just think about it, upholstery makes chairs even more versatile than they already are, as they become the perfect accompaniment to any setting in the interior, and the fact that you can find stylish and affordable fabric chairs online only makes it easier to opt for this seating alternative.


Now in terms of importance, there’s more to a chair’s fabric than the colours or patterns as the decisive factors; there’s also the material itself that has to be considered which is far more significant longevity-related.

When looking for fabric chairs online, you have the chance to make your pick quickly, choosing from a variety of quality materials (timber frame, comfortable foam), like the blend of cotton and linen, colours, styles (from modern to rustic), and designs (with or without armrests).

This being said, you wouldn’t certainly want to take the chair purchase lightly from now on; more so when you realise they wouldn’t only be perfect as dining chairs, but as extra seating when needed, as well as accent chairs placed in rooms strategically. When serving as the latter, you can take décor personalisation a step further by pairing the chair’s fabric with some vivid cushions.

So, your lesson is to look for a fabric that’s durable and easy to maintain (especially important if pets are to be seated as well), looking into aspects such as stains, fading, and mildew resistance, and hypoallergenic properties, as for its style, make sure it’s something that goes well with the décor as is, in order to connect with the surroundings harmoniously – mind you, though, you don’t have to get a matchy-matchy look to get the pleasing outcome.

Wanting to guarantee you buy something of quality, that’s not only visually pleasing, but also provides you with the comfort of seating you’re looking for, don’t forget to take the chair and seat’s height, width, and depth into account. This way you’d know whether there’s enough seating support to match your preferences, more so when you’re a taller person, or are simply looking for utmost cosiness.