Purposeful Gift Ideas for Kids That Aren’t Toys

The first thing that comes to mind when you are about to choose a gift for a child is toys. Of course, toys are fun. They can also be educational, creative, opening up a whole world of play. But since most kids already have a room full of toys, why not buy them something else for a change?

Even though it’s not a classic toy, you can still pick something that’s educational and interesting. There are so many great options that you probably know of but maybe haven’t crossed your mind yet. That being said, here’s a little help in choosing non-toy gifts that children will love.

pink childrens guitar

A Kid-Friendly Guitar

Children love listening to music, but do you know what’s even more fun? – Getting to make music and create your own melodies, sounds and rhythms! And what is a better way of developing their sense of music than buying them a real instrument? For instance, a guitar would be a perfect gift for your girl or boy.

The style of the guitar may not be very important to boys, but girls, on the other hand, can be very picky. Hence, choosing a fancy pink childrens guitar for a little lady can make a real impression. A pink guitar for kids is undoubtedly the ideal first guitar that will grab a girl’s attention immediately.

There are different types of guitars including a classic, acoustic or electric guitar. When choosing the right one for a kid, it’s good to know what type of guitar they can handle better and what’s the suitable size for them. Usually, it’s best to pick a classic or acoustic guitar for a toddler, and leave the electric guitar for children ages 4 and up. When it comes to size, you can pick a mini guitar precisely designed for kids which features a reduced number of strings to simplify learning basic chords. These guitars usually come flashcards featuring chord diagrams which can be a simple and quite effective way of learning how to form chords on the guitar.

Playing the guitar is better than playing computer games or watching TV. We all know how much time days kids spend in front of the TV or the computer, so buying them a guitar is a perfect way to distract them and encourage them to do something way more creative. Your little girl will learn how to play and reproduce her favourite songs with her pink childrens guitar, and your boy will build the talent to become a self-confident teenager with his own guitar, since we all know that girls love guys who play the guitar.

Classes guitar


A good idea for a gift is classes, i.e. a real learning experience with lasting results. You can consider a gift card for classes the child loves or is good at. Classes at a dance studio, local gym, art studio, horseback riding, music, ballet, soccer…and the list goes on. This is an opportunity to give children a chance to enhance their skills doing something they really love and want to learn.

It’s recommended booking the classes before you gift them because it’s all too easy to promise this gift and then not follow up. If the gift is for a close relative, then another great idea is to participate in the class together. This is a good chance to have some bonding time and demonstrate that you’re not too old to learn something new. This is a great way to make some fun memories with your dearest ones.

Tickets to a Show

Tickets to a Show

Tickets for a show or some other event can make awesome gifts. Give your child tickets to an event that allows them to feel special, grown-up, or just something to look forward to. This type of gift is also a great way to do something together and create unforgettable memories. It can be a ticket to a concert by the kid’s favourite band, for a game (basketball, football, hockey, rugby, etc.), for a movie or for a magic show.

You can make the gift even more interesting by thinking of a fun way how to give it to the kids. For example, you can stash it somewhere and let the kids stumble upon it as they go about their day. Another idea is by special delivery, such as attaching the tickets to the family pet’s collar, or stick them to a drone and make a landing in the front yard. Or you can just go with the simple and classic way, and that is by wrapping it up with a gift paper, and then just sit back and watch the joy on their face as they unwrap it.

Their Own Sleepover/Travel Kit

Whether it’s just a backpack of their own or a toiletry bag to keep their toothbrush in the next time they spend the night at Grandma’s, having their own luggage and supplies can be really handy. Many children love to feel like grown-ups sometimes, and having their own bags gives them a sense of responsibility and the thrill of being independent.

If they have a special trip coming up, you can also create travel kits for kids which are perfect when being on the road for long periods. Having a holiday kit filled with things the kids love will minimise the impact of boredom during those transit and waiting times. Plus, it will also keep them off electronics.



This is a kind of gift that is good for developing children’s creativity and a great way to keep them entertained. Puzzles are also beneficial for children’s cognitive development, as well as problem-solving and building fine and gross motor skills. Puzzles are something way more interesting to do as a family than all alone. Therefore, find a few puzzles that care suitable for people of all ages and choose designs of special interest to the kid who will receive this gift.