Purposeful Home Décor Makeover with LED Light Strips

We owe so much to technology; how can we not, since a lot has changed for the better. Taking light as an example, not only has it become possible to get better lighting, and far more durable, but eco-friendly as well. Yes, I’m talking about the LEDs.

Though when LED lighting first appeared, it wasn’t something most of us could afford, and it lacked in versatility, nowadays things have considerably changed. It’s affordable to make the switch in your household from the incandescent to LEDs, and you can have the much wanted variety too, especially with Led light strips.


Along with being flexible, low maintenance, energy efficient, and long-lasting, this sort of LEDs offers colour, style, and plenty of decorating options, as they’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, since there are those Led strip lights created with weatherproof properties ideal for the environment conditions, and the physical protection in the form of aluminium profile channels.

Now, when it comes to decorating, you can use them just about anywhere you want, and make the most of them as task lights, decorating lights, or accent. The way they light up the space isn’t glaring; on the contrary they provides the right amount of light, and add to the ambiance.

Some ideas to implement the charm of Led light strips can be with the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, hallway, or even the garden. In the living room, you can use them for injecting the space with some romance.


This can be achieved having them around the TV unit, or other pieces of furniture, installing them on the back sides, or under, so you could create silhouettes, and make statements with the interior décor. It’s so much fun seeing certain areas pop out, like some statues you’re proud of.

With the kitchen, it’s needless to point out the purposeful lighting when there’s midnight snacking. You can get the enough amount of light, and refresh the kitchen ambiance by adding strip lights under the cabinets, the kitchen counter, or the fridge. This way you have the adequate task brightness to prepare and eat the savoury meals.

Whether surrounding the bed headboard with lights, the wardrobe, or the vanity, you can rest assured your sleep oasis would just gain in warmth and comfort. Besides, you’d have the chance to control the light, from bright to dimmed, so you have just what you need for when putting makeup on, or reading a book.

The bathroom is far from being just a utilitarian room, and with the charm of LED strips surrounding the bathtub, or the mirror, you can bet you’d get the comfort no spa can match. Staircases can be a dangerous area especially at night, but not when you have the strips. You’d equally add to the value of your home too.