Purposeful Makeovers: Refreshing Ideas to Give Your Bathroom a Splash of Style

You deserve to have the bathroom of your dreams. You deserve a bathroom that’s functional and a bathroom that represents you and your style. So, instead of spending yet another day walking in and out of a bathroom that you don’t like, give it a makeover and transform it. It’s totally worth spending time and money on something that will improve the quality of your life.

The Bathroom Floor Will Look Great with Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl floor tiles are the latest trend when it comes to flooring solutions. They have bathroom-friendly features, are budget-friendly and have a really good-looking design. If you’re looking to make a radical change when it comes to the aesthetic of your bathroom, you won’t make a bad choice with vinyl tiles.

Vinyl tiles are made from synthetic materials and are actually built from multiple layers. The first layer is a PU lacquer, the second one is the wear layer, the third layer is the design layer that you choose on your own. After that, there’s a foam layer, then an impregnation layer, a glass fibre interlayer and finally the backing.

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The vinyl floor tiles on the market are waterproof meaning that they’re ideal for the bathroom. And you can further enhance their waterproof feature if you make sure they are installed properly.

You can choose among the many different tiles available and fully transform your bathroom. In the case of vinyl, you can go for realistic reproductions of wood, diverse textures, colour block tiles as well as reproductions of metal or stone. Your bathroom tiles shouldn’t look boring. Instead, they should look as unique as possible and make your bathroom look stylish.

Out of all the options when it comes to bathroom flooring, bathroom vinyl flooring is the best option. Sure, ceramic tiles are durable and well designed too, but you need to invest a lot of time and money into preparing the base and installing the tiles – something that you can avoid by switching to vinyl flooring for bathrooms.

In other words, vinyl tiles are an affordable solution that looks expensive. They are practical and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Everything you would ever want from a bathroom floor.

Proceed with a Hand-Crafted Quality Bathroom Vanity

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Once you have the floors covered, spare some time to decide on the type of bathroom vanity you’re going to get. The bathroom vanity is an important piece of furniture that (if you choose right) can make your bathroom look luxurious and regal. Otherwise, it can make your bathroom look ill-designed, crowded and barely functional.

The list for bathroom vanity furniture is long which is a good thing because that means you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your upcoming modern bathroom. Depending on the available space you have you can pick a small vanity or one with two or three cabinets that you can use to store the things you use frequently. Now, if you want a vanity that will last, go for solid wood. It’s true that solid wood is an expensive material and makes for expensive furniture but in return, you’re getting a vanity that won’t lose its quality over time. The alternative is replacing cheap vanities every year or two.

Assuming you want to make an impression when it comes to your bathroom’s design, a very good idea is to buy bathroom vanity furniture in black. Black is not the usual colour and precisely because of that it is perfect. Combine black with neutral colours and you’ll get a bathroom that looks outstanding. For the occasion, you can pick dark oak. Oakwood is known to be a very strong and durable material, plus it doesn’t get easily damaged in contact with water and humidity.

As per the vanity style, a great option is a vanity that floats a.k.a wall mounted vanity. Floating vanities create the illusion of a larger bathroom and look very compact at the same time making it easy for you to wipe away the floors to perfection. You can further accessorize that space with baskets and actually increase the storage space in your bathroom.

Replace Your Old Tub with a State of the Art Shower

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Let’s start with the obvious. Showers use less water than bathtubs do. So, this is one good reason to do the switch. But also, showers can make your bathroom look bigger, sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing. Showers are functional. Showering can be delightful in a state of the art shower. You don’t need a bathtub anyway.

The best option is a sleek frameless glass shower screen. Are frameless shower screens good you ask? They’re great. They will keep the water away from your brand new vinyl tiles and you’ll be able to take a shower comfortably and with peace of mind. And don’t forget that the shower screen is the easiest to clean.

Decorate with Modern Bathroom Accessories

You should avoid making the bathroom packed by filling it with all kinds of items you don’t actually need. Stick to the basics and it will be enough. Start with picking bathroom mirrors. How big should a mirror be over a bathroom vanity? That depends on how much space you have and how big the vanity is. You need to make sure there’s a certain flow and balance in the room. So, pick the size of the mirror according to the size of the vanity.

Next, get yourself a soap dispenser and a brush holder that match the rest of the decor. This is always better than using the original plastic packaging. Acquire a couple of baskets and organizers that you can use for storage and neatly place clean towels in one of the baskets. Despite being at the reach of your hand when you need them, towels serve as decor and make the bathroom look more impressive. They are the sort of bathroom items with hidden decor potential.