The Purpose of Small Details: Bathroom Items with Hidden Décor Potential

Your bathroom is probably the most practical part of your home, but it is also where you can find peace of mind after a long day. The main purpose of bathroom decorations is to make this highly-functional space more pleasant and enjoyable.

With tons of amazing bathroom décor items and gadgets to choose from, you may think that decorating a bathroom is a no brainer. However, it’s easy to get lost in all the technicalities and the vast array of decorations accompanied by long lists of dos and don’ts.

Even if you get the most sophisticated shelves and cabinets, the most modern bathroom fixtures, the coolest splash-proof electronics and the most amazing decorations, you still might feel like something is missing. Do you need to repaint the walls because something feels off? Did you make a wrong choice when you bought that close-coupled toilet bowl? Do you need more ornaments, waterproof notepads and splash-proof gadgets?

Probably no.

The thing with bathrooms is that it’s easy to overlook the hidden décor potential in the place where you wash, brush and flush. Some seemingly ordinary items that you use every day can make the whole difference. Find out what they are and instantly upgrade your bathroom.

Toilet Seat

There’s nothing worse than an old, discoloured toilet seat, except maybe a cheaply made, crooked, and disproportioned one you got in a jiffy. No one really casually sits around the house thinking about toilet bowls and seats, but this may be the thing that’s been causing you eyesores every time you enter the bathroom and you don’t even know it. It’s hard to see such a mundane thing as decoration because who connects bodily functions with décor anyways?

However, this ordinary item has extraordinary power to make or break the look of your bathroom. Toilet seats come in all sorts of colours, textures, shapes and mounts while they are one-size-fits-all most of the time. There are several types with different features to choose from depending on your needs. Now that you’ve noticed your toilet seat, it’s good to know a thing or two before buying a new one.

First, you need to determine the type of your toilet bowl. There are oval, elongated and square ones, so you’ll need to buy toilet seat that matches the exact shape and dimensions of your toilet pan. While you can probably mount various seats on your bowl, if it’s smaller than the base it’ll be uncomfortable to use. Same goes for the opposite situation if the toilet seat is larger than the base it’ll move around and chances are it’s going to crack sooner.

After you determined the type of the toilet pan, it’s time to choose between different mounts. The two most popular mounts are the conventional bolt-and-nut and the infamous, integral bolt-and-nut. The integral mount may seem better when you’re looking for toilet seats for sale, but you should be aware that when the time comes, it’s going to be very difficult to remove it.

Next, decide which material is better for you. You can choose from toilet seats made from duroplast, thermoplastic, resin, wood and ceramic glaze. Avoid buying plastic seats made from low-quality plastic. Yes, they are the most affordable option, but you buy cheap, you buy twice. These seats for toilets are not durable and they can become discoloured after a short time. Make sure that the toilet seat of your liking has a smooth surface without any lines or cracks that will turn your toilet into a Petri dish.

Wooden toilets are an excellent way to incorporate warm tones in your bathroom and they won’t be as cold as the once made from the synthetic materials during the winter months. A wooden toilet can grace any bathroom from traditional to industrial style. However, if you decide to buy toilet seat made from wood, make sure that it has a highly protective coating to avoid rotting.

Floral Resin Toilet Seat

A floral resin toilet seat will break up the look of your bathroom and add a gentle touch. Resin seats are highly durable and have a pleasant aesthetic. You can also choose one that’s environmentally-friendly and made from organic materials.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours. For instance, a black toilet seat is a bold option and will certainly stand out in the bathroom. Your options are countless and white isn’t the only colour used in bathroom decorations.

Toilet Paper Holder

Small Bathroom With Toilet Seat

You didn’t expect that this little thingamajig can add up to the overall look of your bathroom. Toilet paper holders today differ from the old, boring ones that served only for toilet paper and nothing else. Nowadays, toilet paper holders are fun, stylish and can even have added features.

For instance, you can choose a black toilet paper holder with gold details to add a luxurious touch, or a rustic looking one that will complement a traditional bathroom. If you have young children, you can choose fun cartoon characters shapes and cheerful colours.

If you regularly take your phone with you in the bathroom, choose a paper holder that has a smartphone stand to keep it safe while you’re “doing your job”.

Linen and Cosmetics

A clutter-free bathroom looks pleasant and open, but don’t shove everything in your cabinets. Install some shelves and display your most beautiful linen and cosmetics that will beautify the place. These are frequently used items, so having them around will be both convenient and eye-appealing.


It’s amazing how lighting can affect the mood, the space and the aesthetics of your bathroom. If you think that you should have a massive high-luminance bulb above your head to keep the bathroom well lit, you may be wrong. Use several layers of light to add depth to your bathroom fixtures. This will also create an illusion of a more spacious bathroom. Think LED stripes, vanity mirrors, lighted cabinets and candles. Avoid large lightning features that will overpower the place and stick to integrated lighting solutions.

Now that you know what the most overlooked bathroom items are, it’s time to upgrade your bathroom.