Purposeful Marketing Strategy: Banner Stands to Get You Noticed

If you are preparing for a trade show display of your business, or any other event that can boost your image, then you are surely going to need a banner stand. This can help you make your message more visible and thus create an easily approachable environment that will attract a significant number of customers. These marketing tools are great for a number of reasons.

banner roller

Why You Need Banner Stands

First of all, considering the significance of their impact, banner stands are one of the most affordable marketing tools out there. So, by purchasing one you will get your hands on an advertisement that is a cost-effective solution that shows real and quick results. Second, banner stands are portable. You won’t waste any time on complex installation processes, and you can relocate the banner as often as you see fit.

As for installation, it is a one-person job and it takes only a few minutes. No special tools and no special skills needed. And lastly, banner stands are customizable. You have the opportunity to place them exactly where you please and create an image that is both eye-catching and informative for the passers-by. Here are a few ideas that will help you get inspired.

roller banner

Design Tips for Greater Results

  • Catchy Tagline – If your company already has a catchy tagline that people are familiar with, you can use that. However, it is also recommended that you explore all possibilities and maybe go for something new. The tagline is usually the first thing people notice, so try and make it short and snappy, while still giving the right idea about what your business represents. Remember, it is where your potential customers’ gaze will naturally fall.
  • Informative Text – There is a saying that many businesses swear by – the eye level is the sell level. What this means is that what the customers notice first is the eye level info or products you present to him/her. When it comes to banners, it is the text that matters. Use this hint and write the most important info you want customers to know right below the tagline. Also, don’t overdo it. There should be areas on the banner left empty so that you don’t overcrowd it with info that no one would read.
  • Graphics – This part is crucial if what you want is to grab your customers’ attention in a positive way, and more importantly – keep it. Avoid amateur photographs and low-quality graphics. Choose your images wisely and make sure that besides quality, they also properly represent your business and the products or services you offer.