Purposeful Purchase: Choosing the Right Solar Panel

Since global warming started taking its toll on our environment, resulting in climate changes which are only getting worse every year, especially for our country, it’s high time we started making wise decisions in every possible way to help preserve our precious planet. This is particularly true with choices we make when it comes to energy waste.

Luckily, our nation is getting famous for making the right choice in this aspect, as we happen to be the leaders in household solar systems per capita. If you too are encouraged to join up this magnificent trend, kudos to you. Since the solar panel options are vast, it’s advisable to do your homework before you do the purchase. For instance, if it’s not a permanent solar panel installation, and you’re having concerns with portability, buy folding solar panel.


Great thing about such a panel is you can carry it wherever you go, which means it’s ideal when being on the road, camping, as it can help you stay off-grid without carrying extra weight. In case you’re up for installing something permanent, you can opt for the rollable, or semi-flexible panels. Also, bear the location in mind of where you want the panels to be; if it’s a small area and yet you still want the power of 120W, you can get two of 60W. Speaking of wattage, another aspect to have in mind prior to the purchase is the power you require.

It’s important that you take every appliance into account (as well as the Watts they consume) that you’d connect with the solar system, so you’d get to know how big the size of the panels should be, because both underestimating and overestimating the power you need can end up badly – with underestimating, you’d be putting a strain on your system and not getting the amount of power you require, whereas with overestimating you’d end up with more costs than you expected. Likewise, it’s important to consider the battery size – it’s the battery that stores power to supply it at night, and that’s what makes it so significant.


When you buy folding solar panel, or any panel for that matter, it’s good to check warranty, as well as whether for the price you pay you’re getting everything that’s necessary for the proper installation, from mounting feet, and cables, to blocking diodes. And, of course, most importantly, don’t forget to include your budget into the purchasing equation. The type of solar panel, its size, and power, all have a say in its price.