Safety First: How to Buy Pet Prescriptions Online

Love, care, companionship, there is a special bond between every pet and its owner. Whether you have a dog, cat, bird or horse, your pet is probably already a member of your family. And since kids come with responsibilities, pets also require a fair share of care. Your horse needs a saddle and grooming gear, your cat need bowls and a place to sleep, your dog needs treats, a leash and proper nutrition to stay in great shape. Unfortunately, just like humans, pets also get sick.

No one can feel as helpless as the owner of a sick pet. Trips to the vet are not enjoyable neither for your four-legged pal nor for you but are necessary when your furry friend is not feeling so well. After a careful examination, your vet may decide that you need to buy some medications for your pet. And instead of buying directly from your vet, you can save some money and potentially time by shopping from an online pet pharmacy. Whether you need medications for cats, dog drugs or other animal meds, with pet prescriptions from your vet, you can have all the needed medications delivered to your front door.

Get a Prescription from Your Veterinarian

When it comes to your pet’s health, you can never be too careful. Unlike buying food, treats, toys and dog collars to stop unwanted barking, you need a written prescription from your veterinarian when buying pet meds. No online pet pharmacy can sell veterinary prescription drugs without a valid prescription from a licensed veterinarian. Although some certain products such as joint supplements are available without a prescription, real pet prescription drugs are sold by prescription only for your pet’s safety.

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Many veterinary drugs are prescription-only medications, including effective flea and worm treatments, antibiotics, pain relief and specific treatments for medical conditions. They require a veterinarian to diagnose the condition that needs treatment and monitor your pet’s response to the medication prescribed. However, instead of paying a higher price directly to the vet, you can save up to 50% on your pet medication when buying from a reputable online vet pharmacy.

Choose a Trustworthy Pet Pharmacy

Make sure to choose a reputable and reliable online pharmacy that supplies pet prescriptions medications sourced from Australian veterinary wholesalers and Australian registered pharmacists. Before you make your purchase, make sure that all medication available is registered with the Australian Government (TGA or APVMA) or prepared by an Australian registered compounding pharmacist. If an online pet pharmacy offers to send you prescription medication without the hassle of getting your veterinarian’s authorisation, this raises red flags that the pharmacy you’re considering is not reputable.

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After choosing a trustworthy pet pharmacy, the process of purchasing your pet medications online is pretty simple. Assuming you already have a written prescription from your visit to the vet, the next step is to browse through their website and search for the medication. If you can’t find the medication you are looking for, you can always call or email the online pet pharmacy and ask for help. Before you order your wanted medication, you might need to upload a scan or photo of the prescription and follow the checkout process. A reputable pet medication pharmacy might also ask you to post the original pen signed prescription, noting your order number. After you finish this simple procedure, the final step is to wait for the animal medications to arrive straight at your door.

Don’t Break the Bank: Compare Prices

Online pharmacies are not bound by the same strict guidelines as veterinary practices regarding where they have to source drugs from; therefore, the prices online pharmacies sell drugs at is often lower than the ones in veterinary practices. Vet practices also try to gain some profit from the sales to cover some substantial costs associated with keeping a veterinary practice up and running.

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With that being said, you can up to 50 % by buying online. However, even though the price is important, make sure that the store you choose is reliable and only sells prescription medications. Illegal online pharmacies can sell medications that are counterfeit, outdated or mislabeled, improperly made or stored and sold without a required doctor’s prescription. Unfortunately, fake sites and fake medications do exist, so you need to put your pet’s health first and always double-check everything.

Always Double-Check What You’re Buying

Even though you are ordering from a legitimate online pet medications store, you might want to make sure that you get everything as prescribed by your veterinarian. If a pharmacist suggests a substitution in medication that is different from what is prescribed by your veterinarian, you should always confirm it with your veterinarian before administering the medication to your pet. Certain types of drugs that may be used interchangeably in human medicine are not appropriate or effective in animals. Your trustworthy online pet store might be able to help you with all your queries, and even recommend a vet in your area if you can’t get a prescription from your current one.