Steps to Purposefully Protecting Your Phone

Who would have thought there would come a day when phones would function as so much more than phones and prove to be so essential to us on a daily basis?

Well, thanks to how fast technology advances, we practically use our phones for anything, whether it’s checking the weather report for the day, reading daily news, catching up with loved ones and friends over social networks, or using them for their primary purpose – making calls.

Now that we’ve established how essential they are to us, one would think we take all the precaution and protection yet accidents happen more often than not.


For instance, cases with iPhones and other smartphones being broken into smithereens by falling on a hard surface, dropped in a toilet or bath, or even being sat on are some of the most common so if you don’t like that happening to you the first step to make is purchasing from the suitable lifeproof case iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7 related and anything in between.

What makes these cases the ideal choice is the fact they were designed to provide utmost protection, as they’re waterproof, dropproof, dirtproof and even snowproof, with both waterproof and dropproof properties up to two metres of submersion and dropping.


In case you don’t choose from the full case option that offers built-in screen cover too, it’s advisable to get a screen protector to avoid breaks and scratches. Along with the necessary and fitting lifeproof case iPhone 7 or any of the other iPhones and smartphones, it’s needless to say you ought to take additional safety measures.

For example, if it’s your habit to take your phone with you in the bathroom, it’s time to forget about it; you’d be done with your bathroom use faster and you wouldn’t have to worry about dropping your phone in water.

Also, it’s important to keep the phone in a secure place when not in use, somewhere you know is reserved only for the phone, like a bag that you keep on the desk in the bedroom; this way you ensure you don’t knock off or step on your phone accidentally.

Knowing how kids can be clumsy, it’s advisable not to let your kid or anyone else’s use your phone unless you’re willing to see it get damaged. Likewise, it’s essential to be mindful with the temperature you expose your phone to, especially in the case of longer periods; both extreme heat and cold can damage your phone’s lifespan, the battery and even its internal parts.


Then again, think of yourself and how often you use your phone. Fact is the phone is dirty and as such a ground for bacteria, so it’s essential to make cleaning it part of your regular chores. You know how the saying goes, better safe than sorry!