The Purpose and Benefits of Tactical Gear

You don’t need a special reason to invest in some tactical gear, seeing what has been going on in the world in the past couple of years. However, if you’re someone who frequently goes on survival trips, then that is a reason enough for you to own a couple of essential pieces. Tactical gear lets you take advantage of contemporarily designed equipment that’s extremely practical in life-or-death situations. If you’re new to tactical gear, you might get overwhelmed by the different pieces available in stores and online nowadays, and their high price tag may steer you away from the idea of buying. However, in reality, you don’t need a ton of tactical gear, at least not yet, so you should be content with getting a few essentials first.


For beginners, a bug out bag, also known as a reconnaissance pack, is one of the most essential pieces of tactical gear you can buy. It’s durable, lightweight, and features a design that includes many pockets where you can tidily place the rest of your gear in. For instance, most tactical backpacks feature a hydration compartment, straps that can easily be wrapped around your torso, quality zippers that won’t fail you for many years, and loops. You usually get what you pay for, which is something to keep in mind when you’re out to buy tactical gear.

Then, you need a survival knife. A knife is a versatile tool that can come in handy in a wide range of situations. Whenever you need to cut something, whether that’s a seatbelt, to skin something, to open a can, or anything in between, a proper survival knife should be on your must buy tactical gear list. You want a knife whose blade is made of stainless or carbon steel and its handle is made of a durable plastic that’s comfortable to grip and hold even for long time periods. The blade should be full-tang, meaning it should go right to the bottom of the handle. This ensures the blade is secure and won’t pop off even if you put the knife through a lot of abuse.

Furthermore, you need a tactical flashlight. Tactical flashlights, unlike conventional flashlights, are made with durability and ruggedness in mind. They’re usually lightweight and very powerful. Most tactical flashlights have a LED bulb, as LED is the most advanced lighting technology. LED bulbs are extremely durable and efficient, and they are very reliable. A tactical flashlight can have a wide range of features and modes, and it’s up to you to decide which ones matter and which don’t. Again, you get what you pay for, so the more powerful and feature-rich the tactical flashlight is – the more expensive you can expect it to be.

Lastly, you have tactical clothing, which involves everything from hats to boots. Of course, tactical clothing is made to be comfortable, practical and durable, and even the seemingly insignificant belt can be of great help in a tight situation. That being said, slowly start building your collection from the bottom up, as I feel like the boots are the most important piece of tactical equipment you can have. If they’re meant for the warmer months, they’ll be lightweight, comfortable and breathable, while if they’re meant for the colder months they’ll be warm, heavier and completely moisture-resistant.