The Purpose of Buying Organic Bamboo Baby Bedding – Nothing but the Best for Your Bundle of Joy

From the moment they find out they’re going to be parents, most people are preoccupied with buying the best there is for their little one once it comes to this world. The best pacifier, the best crib, the best stroller – and the list of “bests” goes on and on. But in the quest of ensuring that everything is perfect, many parents fail to recognize the huge importance of the one thing their baby will be most frequently in direct contact with – the bedding.

It is a well-known fact that babies have a very sensitive skin, so any kind of synthetic bedding that is treated with harsh chemicals can irritate the delicate baby skin, and even cause violent allergic reactions. That’s why it’s so important to choose organic, toxin-free bedding for the first few years of your little one’s life. When it comes to materials which are organic bamboo baby bedding is the most recommended choice for many good reasons. Here are just some of them.


Naturally Anti-Bacterial

Bamboo is perfect for protecting a baby’s sensitive skin. The plant itself contains a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal agent called bamboo kin which protects it against pests. This means that in the production of bamboo fabric, there is no need for pesticides or chemicals to be involved. The agent is preserved even after the manufacturing process, which contributes to healthy and hypo-allergenic clothing and bedding.

Thermoregulating Properties

In the first couple of months, babies have little body fat, which makes them unable to properly regulate their body temperature. When babies get cold, they use energy and oxygen as fuel to generate warmth. Besides keeping the room at the optimum temperature of 22 degrees Celsius, you can try lining your baby’s crib with bamboo sheets, or use a bamboo blanket to keep him/her toasty warm. Bamboo is known for its temperature regulating properties, which means it helps keep babies warm in winter, but also pleasantly cool in summer.

Moisture and Odour Absorbent

Babies wet their nappies most of the time, no matter how often you change them. The great thing about organic bamboo baby fabric is that it absorbs moisture very quickly, keeping your baby dry for longer periods of time. But besides bamboo’s incredible moisture-wicking properties, this material is also highly odour absorbent, which means that the environment your baby sleeps in will always smell clean and fresh.