The Purpose of Cat Beds: Why Should You Get One for Your Feline Friend?

As pet lovers, many of us have a tendency to treat our pets as family members. We want to meet all their needs and ensure maximum comfort for them. Knowing our pets’ habits and routines can help us take better care of them at any stage of their life. As cat parents, we know that cats like to spend a lot of time asleep, and getting them a cat bed is a really good idea that can be beneficial for them and for us as well.

Sleeping plays an important role in a cat’s life. It depends on age and personality, but on average, cats sleep for about two-thirds of their lifetime. That being said, cat beds make sense and we should definitely spend some time considering what’s the best bed we can get for our purry friends. Also, having their own bed will help them always be able to find comfortable sleeping space and encourage them to mostly sleep there. Also, it will help you easily clean off the piles of fur as all that fur will be contained in one area.

Types of Cat Beds

Whether you have one or more cats, you can find a variety of cat beds to choose from when it comes to selecting the best bed to match your cat’s character and needs.

Cat Cubbie – It’s shaped like a kennel and makes for a perfect foam house for one or two kittens or smaller cats or dogs. They can freely curl up in and enjoy their sleep.

Cat Bed Chinchilla – This is a type of cat beds Australia quarantine services use in their feline facilities. Made of luxurious faux fur, high quality and durable, this bed is a flexible solution for your cat’s sleeping and playing needs, but also for small dogs, rabbits or ferrets.

Cat Cocoon – This type makes the perfect undercover spot if your cat likes to snuggle and hide. It’s soft and made of high quality materials that allow comfort to your feline friend. Their design allows them to be placed on wooden or tiled floors.

Cat Cuddler – This is the well-known doughnut-shaped cat bed. These come in different colours, so you can easily choose one that matches your home interior. It is covered in a soft fleece of fur and has a bolster, so your cat can rest its head on it.

Cat Igloo – Cats love to hide and enjoy their own time, so an igloo gives them the opportunity to do it comfortably as it offers maximum stability and space. This is a very stylish solution for both your cat and your home décor. You can remove the existing covers and zip on new ones that fit better in your surroundings.

How to Choose the Best Bed for Your Cat

There are many aspects of cat care, and choosing the right bed is one of them. Your cat will most likely spend a lot of time in it, so here are some things to consider before making the purchase.

Find the Right Size – Choosing the appropriate bed size will ensure your cat has enough space to move around and sleep better. If you’re getting a kitty cat bed, keep in mind that in a short period of time your kitten will outgrow its bed.

Prefer Comfort – A comfortable bed is a must if you want your cat to have a designated sleep place. The bed needs to feel like a cosy home as well. Hooded beds and beds with high sides can help make your cat feel safer.

Think of Warmth – Most cat beds are soft and plush, made of materials such as faux fur, mock lambswool and smooth fabrics that provide additional warmth. This is beneficial as cats naturally seek a warm sleeping place.

Check for Washability – Removable covers will make cleaning your cat’s habitat easier as you can wash all the areas needed, reduce bacteria from spreading and unpleasant odour too. Cats love their environment clean and they’ll certainly appreciate it.

Where to Place the Bed and Make Sure Your Cat Will Sleep in It

Cats like warm and cosy spots, and that’s how they choose their sleeping area in the first place. Avoid high traffic areas of your home, as well as the front or back door and any cool or damp places. Look for a quiet corner that is close to the area where the family usually gathers around, like the living room or kitchen. Also, you can place it in your bedroom if you prefer having your cat sleep closer to you, but keep in mind their night habits if you decide to do that. Once you’ve found the right spot, it’s time to introduce your cat to it. Breaking a cat’s sleeping habits can be a challenging task, however, here are some tips that might help.

Make it More Appealing – Wash the bed and place a worn item of your clothing, or a blanket your cat really loves inside of it. This will fight the unfamiliar factory smell of a new bed that your cat will probably find deterrent. Also, you can sprinkle it with its favourite treats or some fresh catnip. It’s a nice way to trigger your cat’s curiosity and encourage it to play and roll around the bed, getting all cosy and relaxed.

Give Treats – Once your cat steps into the new bed by its own will, hold a treat up until the cat sits down and then give the treat. Forcing your cat to sit or lay down in the bed can only develop a negative feeling and most likely, the cat will not accept the bed.

Make it Safe & Secure – If your cat is a new member of your home, find a place that’s not in the way, so it can hide but still peek out and look around. That way the kitten can get easily familiar with all the family members and the surrounding area.

Adjust It – If your cat already has a sleeping spot, but it’s high up, place the bed on a piece of furniture, a bookshelf or windowsill, or whatever’s most suitable, so the cat can still enjoy its favorite spot, but now upgraded. It’s essential to make sure the bed is well-balanced because if your cat falls out of it, it will most likely never go back to it again.

But we know cats have a mind on their own and even if you do all of the above, you may still have a hard time convincing yours to sleep in the new bed… Try making other spots undesirable by spraying them with a natural and non-toxic citrus oil such as orange and lemon. Cats hate that smell and will do their best to avoid it. However, there are no guarantees when it comes to cats and sometimes all it takes is just a bit of time until they decide to roll into their new bed willingly and turn it into their sleeping heaven.