The Purpose of Custom Blinds: How to Dress Up Tricky Windows

Buy Custom BlindsDifferent homeowners have different preferences when it comes to their windows and window treatments. In a sense, it’s similar to how you like your coffee. Some are fine with the classic black with cream and sugar, while other’s like to experiment with new tastes. There are those who love a large and fancy frappĂ©, while others enjoy casually sipping on their tiny cappuccino. And just like the endless choice of types of coffee out there, so do window coverings come in a range of different styles that make it hard to make your mind up.

This decision is further complicated by the shape of the window itself. Sure, bays and roof lights, circles, arches and even triangles might look lovely and interesting, but they can be a challenge to dress. Unique windows demand a unique solution, and one way to individualize your window treatment is by opting to buy custom blinds. Studying the shape of your windows closely and consulting an expert can help you come up with a clever window treatment that perfectly complements its unique and stunning look.

Unusually shaped windows have tricky angles which can prevent a window treatment from fitting in. Triangular or apex windows don’t leave you a lot of options for covering. Wooden shutters that are custom designed according to the specific shape are your only friend. Nevertheless, don’t feel disappointed. Shutters are a beautiful way to bring out this window’s charm. They have a certain elegance that does not detract from the window’s lines but instead helps soften the look.

In our quest for openness and more light, unusually large windows are becoming a common trend in homes. Vertical blinds that can stack in the corners when you open them and come together in the middle of the window when you close them are the most efficient cover up solution for such windows. Steer away from aluminium options which can be noisy and look rigid when applied in such a quantity. Embrace light materials such as paper, which allow you to choose patterns and textures to further customize the look.

You might think a tiny window is also a small challenge to dress, but try to look for ready made blinds in such a small size. If there’s one type of window that demands that you buy custom blinds specificity measured for it, it’s this one. Since small windows are usually found in bathrooms, wooden window shutters are your best choice for preserving the privacy of the room. Roller blinds and shades are also good options, because they can completely cover up the window while giving you the added benefit of choosing a stylish pattern. Blinds with vertical patterns can create the illusion of height, draw the eye upward and thus make the window look bigger.Buy Custom Blinds1

If this was tricky enough, imagine having to cover up multiple windows that are tied to one another in continuous line across a whole wall. You are facing the risk of suffocating the space with an obtrusive window treatment, so be careful. Lightweight materials and soft tones like white or ivory can add a subtle touch of sophistication. Concerning the design, custom pleated blinds or honeycombs with an adjustable top-down function can be perfect for these windows. This way you can customize the level of privacy and the look of the windows as you want. For instance, you can drop some blinds down and raise the others for an interesting and playful look.

When choosing to buy custom blinds, you’d usually need to measure the windows yourself. Before you do so, you first have to decide whether to install them inside or outside. An outside mount is impossible with the commonly recommended options for tricky windows like roller, horizontal, and pleated blinds. Moreover, the inside mount can also help you disguise or bring out the distinctive window shape, whenever you want.