The Purpose of Details: Add a Finishing Touch to Your Living Room

Renovating one’s home is one of the most exciting things. And since the living room is where we spend most of our time, making it as appealing as possible is pivotal. Now, while choosing the right type of furniture pieces is essential, the final touches also play a major role. Without them, a living room wouldn’t ooze with warmth. Here’s why I mean by that.

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Add Decorative Pieces

Decorative pieces come in numerous different forms. This could be some fancy throw pillows that can revive the look of your sofa or a nice scented candles placed in a tray on your coffee table. Along with some stack of books and a vase of flowers, this surely is the easiest way to jazz up your living room while adding warmth to it. Floor lamps can also act as the perfect decorative piece, just make sure to choose one that complements the one of your living room.

Light It Up

Modern living rooms are all about using various lighting sources. Gone are the days when putting a light fixture in the ceiling and in the centre of the room was the only way to illuminate a room. Except for floor and wall lamps, led downlights have become quite popular these days.

downlights led

What are LED Downlights?

Also known as can or recessed lights, led lights downlights are installed directly on the ceiling in order to render them a seamless and appealing room accessory. Out of all led lights downlights have the simplest, sleekest and most eye-catching look which is the reason why they have become so popular. Not only do they look attractive, but it is also considered that LED downlights can create the perfect lighting in your home. You can place several types of LED downlights in your living room in different sizes. You can also invest in LED dimmable downlights which can help you create a romantic and comfy ambience, perfect for those long movie/romantic nights with your partner.

How Many LED Downlights Per Square Metre?

In order to decide how many lights are needed for your living room, you will need to consider the arrangement of your room, the things you want to highlight and of course the size of your room. Along with some other details, this is how you’ll be able to determine the right number of downlights for the room. Replacing and installing such lights is easy, you just need to follow the simple steps on how to change a led downlight.

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Large Plants for Great Energy and Good Vibes

Plants are a huge design trend since ever. There is something magical about their green colour and the vibe they spread around the home. They are the perfect way to add a pop of colour in a living room while being the perfect air purifier. Plants can be arranged in a specific scheme in one room (especially smaller types) or arranged in smaller groups in different rooms. If you plan do add just one potted plant in your living room, it’s best to go for a large one like the Fidel leaf fig tree. There are various other low maintenance large houseplants you can add in your living room to jazz it up a little more.

Add Warmth with Area Rugs

Area rugs will not only add actual warmth to your feet during cold winter nights, but they can also make the room appear warmer and homey. Area rugs can also be the perfect finishing touch for those of you who don’t have some nice looking hardwood floors.