The Purpose of Display Fridges: Boost Sales & Increase Efficiency

When running a convenience store, selling the right products is simply not enough. You also need to consider ways to present your products in an attractive manner, a process called visual merchandising. While a good-looking exterior and brightly coloured signs might encourage people to come into your store, it’s great displays that make them stay longer and “lure” them into becoming a potential customer.

display fridges

As a convenience store mostly sells perishable products that need to be kept at specific temperatures, fridges are a crucial element in visual merchandising. But let’s be clear – not just any fridge will do. There are special display fridges which are designed to showcase products in an attractive manner and give the customer a clear an unobstructed view of everything you sell. So, while you may keep your stocks in solid door fridges, all the products up for sale in the store are kept in display fridges.

When it comes to display fridges, there are two types a convenience store can benefit from – glass door units and open front units. Glass door fridges do not need to be opened in order to see the contents inside. As a result, the only time they are actually opened is when a customer is ready to make a purchase or when the shelves need to be refiled. As you already know, opening a fridge often results in the loss of cold air, which means that the appliance has to work harder. That being said, the use of glass door fridges can help significantly help in reducing the energy costs of your business.

On the other hand, there are open front fridges which offer customers instant access to chilled products. The fact that there’s no barrier between the customer and the goods makes open front fridges especially effective in encouraging impulse purchases. However, they can be less energy-efficient than glass door fridges which is why it’s recommended to use them for only specific types of products, usually baked goods. The reason is that the open display allows the delicious smell of the goods to get into the air and engage customers’ senses which can make it hard resisting a purchase.

Both glass door units and open front display refrigerators often come with integrated LED lighting. Units with LED lighting can make products look amazing. A good amount of shelves is also an important feature to consider as it can help you organize the products better which allows customers to easily find precisely what they need.