The Purpose of Fender Flares for Your 4×4

I’ve always loved driving. Since I was a kid, my favourite thing to do wasn’t watching or playing sports with my dad, it was going on rides together. The car opened up new worlds for me, visiting not only what was in our surroundings, but also what was hidden in the roads less travelled by others; it awakened the adventurer in me.

Fender Flares Ford Ranger

Being passionate about continuing with this hobby myself as a driver urged me to get a 4×4, and that’s how I got my Ford Ranger. So now I could take my dad on more adventures.

Being in love with my 4×4 (same as every 4×4 owner), I’ve gotten in the habit of constantly enhancing my driving experience through the vast variety of accessories. Some of them, that I’ve gone crazy about, are the fender flares Ford Ranger designed specifically. These accessories are extensions made to fit over the wheels, and they have a dual purpose: protection and aesthetics.

If you want the perfect fender flares fit, buy accordingly with your vehicle, as they are designed to match the lines of the 4×4. The wide range of fender flares Ford Ranger I came across allowed me to choose from top notch products, made of tough, longlasting materials, meant to withstand the elements, such as moulded plastic, and stainless steel allen key head, proving to be a valuable purchase.

Depending on the flares you choose, you can either get ones that can fit in existing holes, or ones that require some drilling (and help from a professional), but whichever the choice, you can count on them being easy to install. Since there are certain laws regarding flares, that is, depending on where you live, it’s important to find out what the requirements are about this 4×4 accessory, whether you need full tyre cover, or just an extension of a few inches.

Great news is, as soon as you install it, you can count on utmost protection in terms of not having your 4×4 be affected by those flying rocks, or all the road debris. This means you ensure the value of your beloved vehicle, cutting down on scratches, which comes in handy in case you get to sell it, and you get to protect yourself, and others on the road. Now that I’ve covered protection, it’s time for aesthetics.

You’d be surprised to see the variety of fender flares differing in style, from the basic type with clean, minimal lines, to the one that’s bound to give your 4×4 a mighty, rugged look with exposed bolts. You get further opportunities for customising your vehicle by painting the flares to match the colour of your 4×4. It’s all up to your taste!