The Purpose Of Forklift Attachments

Looking for a way to optimize your warehouse productivity and efficiency? Then, consider purchasing a powerful forklift truck. With the help of this machine, you will instantly improve all your warehouse operations. You will pick, pack, receive and control loads much faster than before. Managing a multichannel warehouse is much easier with a forklift truck. This material handling machine is described as extremely flexible and versatile forklift that allows the operators to complete multiple tasks quickly and efficiently.


Beside powerful and flexible forklifts, the manufacturers today design and produce a wide range of forklift truck attachments. The attachments enable the operators to use a single forklift truck for completing different warehouse tasks with less effort. Let’s explore some of the most popular attachments and their purpose:


The sideshifters are some of the most commonly used forklift truck attachments. These attachments are used when heavy loads need to be lifted or moved left and right. They are perfect for adjusting and repositioning the loads on shelves and in cramped warehouse isles. It’s much easier for operators to align pallets without maneuvering the whole forklift truck. Here’s how you can benefit by using these forklift attachments:

  • First and foremost, there is no need to maneuver the forklift truck every time you place heavy loads on racks and high shelves;

  • There is no risk for damaging the pallets;

  • The sideshifters can be easily attached and removed from the forklift truck;

  • You’ll need less time for loading and unloading

Paper Roll Clamps

The paper roll clamps are another highly useful forklift attachments. When attached on a forklift truck, you get a powerful paper handling tool. Most commonly used in industries like paper manufacturing, newspaper printing, tissue manufacturing and other paper handling industries. These attachments can be automatically controlled for avoiding paper roll damages. With the right pressure, allocating paper rolls from one place to another would be a piece of cake. The main benefits of the paper roll clamps are the following ones:

The paper clamps can be rotated for 360 °;

These attachments are perfectly safe for the operators;

Ideal for the paper industry.

Fork Positioners

The fork positioners are amongst the top selling forklift attachments. That’s because you can handle loads much faster and more efficiently with the fork positioners. The forklift positioners are controlled hydraulically, enabling the operator in this way to align pallets more accurately. The fork positioners can:

  • Cut your load handling time in half;

  • Minimize the fuel and truck wear;

  • Eliminate the possibility of pallet damages