The Purpose of Heart Support Supplements: Boost Your Health

Cardiovascular disease is the top cause of death on a global level. Unfortunately, more and more people are suffering from heart conditions due to the modern-day way of living. Constant stress, worry and pressure along with little or no time for self-care ultimately lead to heart problems. If you throw junk food, smoking and drinking in the mix, you’ve got the perfect recipe for disaster.

Luckily, incorporating simple lifestyle changes can keep your heart healthy and improve your overall health. Do you know that adopting healthy habits can reduce your risk of heart diseases for up to 90%? One of those habits is taking heart health supplements as a part of a well-balanced diet.


Supplements for cardiovascular health include fibres, vitamins, minerals, coenzymes, and omega 3 fatty acids, but to name a few. All of these nutrients are constituents of a healthy diet that supports good heart health. Continue reading to find out more about the heart support supplements that can lower your risk for heart disease and treat existing heart conditions.


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An apple contains relatively high amounts of fibre, but certainly not enough to keep the doctor away. When it comes to fibre, the first thing that comes to mind is usually digestive health, but these dietary components offer other health benefits as well. Fibre is classified as insoluble and soluble. The first type doesn’t dissolve in water and it promotes regular bowel movements while the second one dissolves in water and can help lower bad cholesterol levels.

The recommended daily amount for adults up to age 50 is 25 grams of fibre for women and 38 grams for men, but most people don’t meet this goal on a daily basis because their diets exclude fresh fruits and veggies or revolve around fast food, processed meats, refined carbs and sugar. If you run on a busy schedule, you know that sometimes meal prep is the last thing on your mind and a quick sub sandwich is all you need to get by. But if you struggle with high cholesterol levels, chances are that this happens on a regular basis and you’re skimping on fibre.

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A diet high in soluble fibre can decrease LDL or commonly known as bad cholesterol and increase its good counterpart, the HDL. If you’re falling short of fibre, heart support supplements can help you meet your daily needs in an easy way. For optimum results, try using oat powder supplements that are rich in fibre and beta-glucan.

Vitamins and Minerals

Adequate intake of vitamins and minerals is crucial for a healthy heart and your overall wellbeing. Of course, the best way to consume these micronutrients is trough fresh fruits and vegetables, but even people with the healthiest eating habits can sometimes fall short of recommended amounts.


Numerous studies show a positive link between vitamin and mineral supplements and prevention of heart diseases. Vitamin C and E may reduce your risk of heart problems, prevent a heart attack and prevent muscle damage after heart attacks.

Although taking these supplements can’t make up for poor eating habits, they can fill in the gaps and contribute to a more balanced diet plan.


Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a powerful antioxidant that’s produced in the human body but also found in meat, fish and whole grains. The highest concentration of Q10 is found in the heart muscle where energy demand is high. Unfortunately, the levels of CoQ10 can significantly drop as you age and the amounts found in food sources are barely sufficient. Low levels of CoQ10 are often linked with different heart conditions such as congestive heart failure and high blood pressure. Luckily this precious chemical compound exists in the form of supplements such as powders and pills.


CoQ10 supplement will help you maintain a healthy circulatory system, heart function and heart health, but will also aid recovery in people who’ve had heart surgeries. Moreover, this heart supplement will support your stamina and endurance during physical exercise and assist your post-exercise recovery.

Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids are probably the most famous cardiovascular supplements in the world. Omega 3s can protect your heart and blood vessels by reducing the risk of arrhythmias, high triglycerides levels, plaque build-up and high blood pressure.

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If you’ve already experienced some of the issues above, your doctor might recommend consuming higher amounts of Omega 3s. If you’re not a big fan of fish or you can’t eat it regularly you should buy a heart health supplement which contains odourless, deep-sea fish oil rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acids. This supplement is beneficial for healthy individuals as well because it assists the function of the cardiovascular system and helps with maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.


Garlic, the natural antibiotic as many like to call it has the strength to support and strengthen the immune system and boost your heart health. Many people stay away from garlic because of the strong odour, but nowadays there’s a convenient solution for this common problem as well.

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Garlic supplements in the form of tablets are an excellent way to reap the benefits of this powerful natural remedy without being stuck with a funky breath for the rest of the day. Garlic will keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels at bay, but it will also support the cardiovascular system by maintaining blood vessel, capillary and artery health.

Final Thoughts

Cardiovascular supplements can improve your health and make your life a lot easier, but not all of them are created equal. You should always consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking a heart health supplement, especially if you’re pregnant, nursing, have underlying medical conditions or you’re undergoing a surgery.

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Moreover, some dietary supplements can interact with prescription drugs and trigger side effects or worsen other health conditions. Also, you should always buy heart health vitamins and supplements from reliable brands and vendors that can be trusted.

Remember, supplements can complement your eating habits, but they can’t substitute for a well-balanced diet.