The Purpose of Hi Bay Lights for Industrial Facilities

Warehouses, factories and all other large industrial facilities need to be properly and thoroughly lit in order to remain safe spaces for the workers performing their jobs. However, the fact that most of these facilities have very tall ceilings makes them tricky to be illuminated efficiently. The higher the ceiling is, the less light reaches the floor level where most of the work is performed. With that being said, hi bay lights are usually the only type of fixture most industrial spaces can benefit from.

In fact, any ceiling that’s 5 metres high or more, requires quality hi bay lights. If you use regular fixtures or low bay lights in any space with a ceiling that high, there’s a risk that the light won’t be powerful or concentrated enough, thus resulting in a shadowy appearance closer to the floor. On the other hand, if you use high bays on low ceilings, there will be too many lumens per square metre which can create an uncomfortable brightness.


The reason hi bays are the recommended fixtures for industrial facilities is that they can cast a light beam to a distance of 8 metres or more, often reaching brightness levels of 100+ lumens per watt. In addition, these fixtures utilize LED bulbs which means that they offer uniform coverage that can help eliminate potential dark spots and shadows that can present a workplace hazard. As opposed to CFLs and fluorescent lights, no matter how many times you turn off and on an LED light, there won’t be any flickering or light level variations.

But besides offering excellent visibility, high bay LED lighting fixtures are often the most cost-efficient solution for industrial settings. Considering how most industrial facilities lack windows and have no access to outdoor light, the artificial lights need to operate round-the-clock which results in high electricity costs. However, good LED bulbs require 70-85% less energy than other forms of lights such as CFLs or halogen which can drastically reduce electricity costs. Additionally, you can save even more if you pair your hi bay lights with smart sensors.

What’s more, LEDs have an incredibly long life span, offering up to 80 000 hours of use, which means that you’ll spend less money and time on changing bulbs. But not only are the lights long lasting, but the fixtures themselves are extremely durable as they are often made of robust materials such as forged 1060 aluminium. These lights also generate almost no heat, which not only makes your facility safer but also means reduced cooling costs.