The Purpose of High Pressure Hoses and Things to Consider When Buying One

High pressure washing is an extremely useful technique used to remove dirt, grease, stains and grim from different surfaces in both residential and industrial settings. What makes it truly appealing is the fact that it’s relatively easy to perform a power wash, and it doesn’t require any sophisticated pieces of equipment. In fact, you need a high pressure water source like a pump and a high pressure hose.

People oftentimes undermine the importance of a high pressure hose and end up going through countless of generic hoses before they realise they’re better off investing in high pressure hoses online instead. When searching for high pressure hoses online, it’s always recommended that you pick one for heavy-duty applications that can take a lot of abuse in industrial settings.


Moreover, there are a couple of things to consider, such as the length (which is a no brainer), the diameter of the hose and the materials it’s made from. All of these considerations will ensure you make the right investment.

You’ll usually have to pick between a small, mid-sized and large hose diameter. The most commonly used hoses are the small hoses which have a diameter of about 60mm. They’re ideal for small gas power and consumer-grade electric washers that utilise less than 2700 psi. The least commonly used hoses are the mid-sized hoses, which are great for prosumer-grade gas pressure washers that utilise 2700 to 3400 psi. Lastly, large hoses are designed for professional gas pressure washers. These heavy-duty hoses can withstand water pressure up to about 5000 psi and due to the fact that they’re thicker, they allow for a greater water volume.

Quality high-pressure hoses are made of durable materials that don’t kink and curl. They’re usually made from rubber, PVC plastic or polyurethane.

The most commonly used material for high pressure hoses is PVC plastic. These are the most affordable hoses and are extremely hard, but not very flexible. So if you’re sick and tired of constantly fighting with your PVC hose, you might want to consider a polyurethane or rubber one. Rubber hoses are more flexible, but also heavier. They don’t curl and kink, but they have the tendency to spoil the surface if you slide them across rough surfaces like concrete. Polyurethane hoses are the most sophisticated option, and they’re basically covered with a clear, bendable plastic. A lot of people prefer them because they’re very flexible and don’t spoil the surface they’re dragged on.