The Purpose of Large Breasts Nursing Bras: How to Pick the Best Model

Becoming a mother is a unique experience in itself and nothing else in the whole world can compare to it. Motherhood makes you feel joyful, excited, empowered and invincible. You’ve created a new life and are about to bring it into existence. Whether you’re about to become a mom for the first time mother or not, pregnancy takes a lot of your energy. You’re probably overwhelmed with all the information about delivery, breastfeeding, your baby’s growth charts and similar.

It is no news that your body undergoes quite a few changes during pregnancy, and besides your tummy, one of the most obvious ones is the size and shape of your breasts. Once your little munchkin is born, your breast will be their only source of nutrition. Breast milk contains the perfect mix of vitamins, proteins and fats that are essential for babies to grow.


Breastfeeding has many benefits for both the mother and baby. Making this bond comfortable, easy-going and enjoyable might be challenging at the beginning but it’s certainly possible and an extraordinary feeling if you adequately prepare and dedicate yourself to this enchanting period.

It’s individual how much your breasts will change in size. For many women, the shape and volume change during the pregnancy and continue to change after the delivery while preparing for nursing. Finding the right bra for your changing body is very important since you’ll need it day and night throughout the whole breastfeeding journey. If your breasts are large in size, the challenge is even bigger as you’ll need the appropriate support and comfort. To help you make the right decision, here are some recommendations on what to pay attention when buying the right large breasts breastfeeding bra.

What to Look for in a Good Nursing Bra?

During pregnancy and while breastfeeding breasts can weigh a lot more than usual, that’s why big breasted women breastfeeding bra models should feature the following:

  • Strong fabric that provides comfort, stretch and support;
  • Cups that provide good encapsulation and separation of your bust, as each breast needs its own space;
  • Wide straps to spread weight and prevent the bra from rising up;
  • No underwire, as those press your stomach and may cause discomfort;
  • Full coverage of the breasts if possible, because it needs to provide you with full support;
  • Padding to prevent possible milk leaks, as milk might leak when it’s accumulated for an extended period of time;
  • Easy access to the breasts;
  • Ability to grow with the breasts during pregnancy and nursing.

Besides these qualities, when you’re buying a nursing bra the right fit is also essential. Consult with a bra specialist in the store and ask for assistance as they know how to measure your bust and underbust best. With these two measurements, it’s easier to estimate your cup and band size. If you’re ordering your nursing bras online, always check the company’s size guide and bra sizing calculator if they have one on their website.


How Should a Properly Fitting Nursing Bra Feel Like When You Have Large Breasts?

  • You should be able to slip two fingers underneath the band with ease;
  • The wing support should provide security and restrict your free movement;
  • When you take a deep breath, the bra should nicely expand;
  • Cups should fit smoothly across the breasts without digging into your breast tissue;
  • With your upright posture, your shoulders should be pulled back slightly, not pulled forward;
  • The nursing bra shouldn’t dig into your body at any point.

Getting large breasts out for nursing is more difficult, especially if you don’t have the comfort of your home and you happen to be outside. Traditionally, moms would unclip their bra, pull the whole thing up, expose their breasts and start nursing. In most countries, breastfeeding is not a big deal as it’s a completely natural occurrence. However, there are still places where breastfeeding doesn’t feel right and women tend to cover. Giving yourself and your baby some privacy is also good as you bond and understand each other better when you make your own magic circle. This is where the special design of large breasts breastfeeding bras proves to be very helpful, making you feel more comfortable and confident when nursing your little munchkin in public. If you want, you can also use specially designed and adjustable covers and scarves for increased privacy and peace of mind.


There is a range of options and features to ensure your breastfeeding process is simple and straightforward, from nursing bras that open downwards, sideways, to the soft ones that pull aside. You can go the extra mile and be more stylish, elegant and confident with lace maternity bras,. After all, everyone needs a little boost of confidence from time to time. Think about this the next time you’re buying a nursing bra.