The Purpose of Pallet Jacks and Factors to Consider When Buying One

If your business includes a warehouse, and storing and shipping products is one of its main aspects, then you probably understand the importance of safely and efficiently moving those products around the warehouse, and back and forth from the loading bay. One of the most popular material handling equipment Australia warehouses incorporate for the task are pallet jacks.

Material Handling Equipment Australia

A pallet jack, also known as pallet truck is a material handling equipment Australia warehouse workers use to lift and move pallets, as well as other heavy objects. These pieces of equipment are the most basic form of forklift, and they’re considered an essential in every warehouse, to improve operation efficiency, worker productivity and safety. When shopping for material handling equipment like pallet jacks, there are a few key considerations to take into account in order to get the best value out of it.

Fork Length

The length of the fork is one of the most important factors you have to consider, because having a shorter or longer fork length than necessary can impact the load capacity of the pallet jack. Moreover, it can impact the maneuverability and stability of the pallet jack. This can compromise its efficiency and safety.

Load Capacity

The load capacity is another very important factor to consider before purchasing a pallet jack. If the pallet jack cannot withstand the amount of weight you intend to carry with it, then it may not be worth buying at all. Avoid overloading a pallet jack, as that compromises the safety of everyone around it, the maneuverability, and the pallet jack itself.

Pallet Jack Weight

It doesn’t seem important at first, but the weight of the pallet jack can make or break a good deal, especially if it’s used inside containers and vehicles when loading or unloading objects. Certain surfaces like container floor or vehicle trays may not be durable enough to support the extra weight of the pallet jack and its loads.

Height Adjustability

If you need to raise and lower the pallets, which you most likely do, you have to make sure the jack can easily reach the desired height. However, you should also consider whether the jack can reach the necessary height while lifting a load. The loading capacity of the jack can vary depending on how high the fork is raised. An overloaded jack which has its fork lifted has a great risk of tipping over and becoming a safety hazard.