The Purpose of Rooftop Gardens – Enjoy a Quiet Retreat in the Heart of the City

Nowadays, planting in cities is widely recognised an efficient way to improve air quality and reduce overall heat. However, the overpriced real estate and the lack of space makes it challenging to increase the number of parks and the amount of natural space. This is when rooftop gardens come into the picture. No wonder they have become so popular over the past several years, especially in the larger and more developed cities. Rooftop gardens are literally small bits of Heaven – they have a great view, look good, and provide a smart and quick way to enjoy a quiet retreat in the heart of the city. But besides their decorative benefits, there are many other important and impressive benefits to building rooftop gardens.

contemporary garden seating

Happiness – Sitting amidst gorgeous and fragrant plants up high in a rooftop garden has to be one of life’s greatest pleasures. And if you live in a big city where it seems like anywhere you go there are crowds and a waiting line to get your coffee, you have one more reason to create your green oasis. Don’t be scared though, this is not something that you will spend a fortune on – all you really need are plants and some contemporary garden seating to enjoy the view.

Depending on how much space you have available, there are tons of options when it comes to designing your oasis. You can go with sunbeds to create the ultimate chill zone where you can tan; arrange a couple of cozy chairs around a coffee table paired with a big umbrella where you can have your morning coffee (or evening cocktail if you will) in peace; or even go with modular furniture which is the perfect choice for entertaining.

Improved air quality – Besides enjoying your perfect zen spot, you will also breathe fresher and better air. Rooftop gardens contribute to the filtering and reduction of gases and polluted air particles, thus improving the air. According to some researches, some of these pollutants are absorbed by plant tissue while others are washed by rainwater. Statistically, a green rooftop can remove 0.2kg of dust particles per year for every meter.

Less noise – Green rooftop gardens are the perfect spots to relax away from the busyness of typical cafes. The combination of soil and plants can help absorb, reflect, or deflect sound waves, which can greatly help reduce the city noise, especially for low-frequency sounds.

Bottom line is, decorating a rooftop requires some time and money, but it is definitely worth the effort. With the right choice of contemporary garden seating, plants, and lighting you can create your own perfect oasis to enjoy a quiet retreat away from the city noise and traffic.