The Purpose of Scissor Lift Trailers

Keeping a warehouse up to date with your latest items and having it properly organised involves having an accessible layout, but also much-needed machinery. While a forklift would be considered one of the most fundamental warehouse machines, the scissor lift is one of the most useful ones. Being able to lift heavy items higher up is a lot easier with a scissor lift. Scissor lifts are also a lot more flexible since they come with a broad flat platform allowing you to get items and put items high up or even as low as 5cm off the ground.

Scissor lifts are extremely portable as well, as they don’t have a demanding setup process. Working with a scissor lift is comfortable, and unlike a forklift or any other aerial lift, they are much more precise and do not require you to bend or twist when using one. All in all, scissor lifts make warehouse life a lot easier. So why not use them anywhere you need one? For that, you need a trailer powerful enough to move one, and the best trailer for the job is a scissor lift trailer.

Scissor Lift Trailer


What Makes a Good Scissor Lift Trailer


Not every scissor lift trailer will be ideal for your scissor lift, as they’re not all made the same. The first and most important thing is to get the right size trailer. Your trailer mounted scissor lift should fit comfortably. Not only will the right trailer fit your scissor lift comfortably, but it will ensure you can transport the scissor lift from point A to point B safely.


A durable scissor lift trailer is something you don’t want to skimp on. A durable trailer means you can make your trailer mounted scissor lift available at various different locations for longer. This is why you should go for scissor lift trailers that are made of steel and aluminium parts. Aluminium components are good for keeping things corrosion-free and steel ones are good for keeping stuff in place.


While the construction of the trailer is going to contribute to its lifespan, the tyres are going to contribute to the journey. Make sure the trailer you’re getting has tyres that are appropriate for the type of terrain you’ll drive it over, and ensure the hubs and wheel bearings are always in a good condition. Also, the tyres need to be able to tolerate the weight of the trailer and your scissor lift.

Scissor Lift Trailer



A smooth ride may be something you don’t expect with a trailer at the back, but a smooth ride is a safe one, and safety is paramount in this case. This is why you should pay attention to the suspension of the trailer. The most common suspension found on most trailers is leaf spring suspension. This system is fine for everyday towing, but for hauling a scissor lift you need something better. Torsion suspension is the better solution since the axle of the trailer is welded to its frame, which makes for a smoother ride. However, a trailer with a torsion suspension is a more expensive option.

Capacity & Capability

Talking about capacity, the size will largely affect the load-bearing capacity of your trailer. But that is not the only capacity you should be concerned about. The load-carrying capacity of your vehicle is another factor you should consider. No matter how heavy of a load the trailer is able to carry, if your vehicle isn’t able to handle the weight of that load, the trailer won’t be able to tow the scissor lift. So before making any purchasing options make sure your vehicle is capable of towing large loads.

Additional Parts

Some other things you might want to think in advance when searching for a hydraulic scissor lift trailer might be small but yet useful. These include a spare tyre carrier, trailer ball, lighting accessories, proper hitch hardware, electronic brake controller, couple lock, ball mount, pin and clip, receiver tube, an adapter for hardware support and more. Don’t skimp on these either, as most of them will probably be needed on your route. If not now, maybe later on, but they will be needed and you will see that without them it will be harder to tow such a big machine.

Scissor Lift Trailer



As you already know, scissor lifts are versatile machines that can lift just about anything that fits on their platform. Using them for different purposes can often mean that you need to take them from one place to another. Scissor lift trailers can help make this happen, but you have to remember that although they might look similar to a regular utility trailer, they are not. They need to be stronger and more rugged to keep the lift in place, and to allow you to tow it safely. So, make sure to keep all the above factors in mind when searching for the right scissor lift trailer for your machinery, as they all need to be complicit with relevant regulations and laws.