The Purpose of Summer Is Pleasure & Leisure: Let Day Beds Aid You

Us Australians are fortunate enough to be able to use our outdoor living areas frequently and comfortably throughout the year. One thing that can make our outdoor spaces even more fun and functional are certainly day beds. They add coziness to your favourite space where you can chillax, cuddle with your significant other or take a day nap. Plus, these pieces of art are also the perfect way to make your outdoor patio more inviting.

Day bed outdoor

Of course, you can always create an actual bedroom instead with walls, ceilings, electricity and a door, but what’s the point? You might as well live in Alaska instead if you’re not going to enjoy the great weather we have throughout most of the year. You can choose between different day bed outdoor types, and depending on how you intend to use it most and how many people you expect it to accommodate, your choice will be narrowed down to a few models.

Besides the model and type, you should also consider a few other things. The amount of cushions it has will directly impact how comfortable it is. The material it’s made from is also something worth considering. While leather is a popular option, if you’re someone who likes to contribute towards the preservation of nature and can’t stand the idea that the bed is made from actually animal skin, there’s always the option to go for artificial leather which is environment friendly. This way you’ll be able to sleep easier at night knowing you’re not supporting companies that harm animals.

Polyethylene is a high quality exterior with commercial grade quality that you can always opt for when in doubt. Besides comfort in the sitting area, the bed should also have a stable and durable frame. When it comes to frames, the best ones are made from aluminium, due to the fact that they’re rust proof, durable and somewhat lightweight.

We talked about the day bed outdoor types, but we didn’t talk about how they are so versatile and come in many different shapes and sizes. The bigger ones can often be divided into two parts and form two separate couches which can form an excellent multi-person seating solution for larger gatherings. There’s also the “egg” type that can be easily relocated at free will. There’s just so much diversity when it comes to this piece of furniture that it’s just mind-baffling.

If you’re considering enjoying the upcoming summer to it’s full extent, you should definitely get yourself an outdoor day bed and do everything on it that you would do inside your home: read, watch movies, play games, nap, enjoy a morning coffee and whatnot, while having the opportunity to experience a beautiful sunset or sunrise with your loved ones.