The Purpose Of Scrapers

A scraper is a machine used for moving or removing dirt, gravel and any other unnecessary material from the surface. There are many earth-moving machines on the market, but the scraper is specialized for scraping and it is the most efficient machine for that task. One advantage over the other earth-moving machines is the capability to remove wet soil from the surface. With other machines, the operators will need to wait for the wet soil to become dry. Also, the scraper performs efficiently on heavier soils and other tough soil conditions. The scraper is a versatile and flexible machine, as it can be used for a variety of tasks.


Today, the demand for scrapers is very high, and different scraper models can be found. This machine is not only used for construction tasks. With all the improvements made, the scrapers are suitable for a variety of mining applications as well. The rough terrains are a real challenge for the scrapers, but they are capable to neglect the heavy impacts and to perform as efficiently as expected. Also, there are plenty of scraper attachments which can be used for other applications.

One big advantage of the scraper is the reduced fuel consumption. With improved transmission, the fuel consumption is reduced up to 30%. Using less fuel than any other earth-moving machine doesn’t mean that the productivity is decreased. The scraper is capable to maintain an optimal productivity. It is certainly one of the most cost-efficient earth-moving machines.

The purpose of the scrapers is to give the operators more solutions on the job site. This means that the operators can use scrapers for all types of operations. The scraper is designed to perform even the most demanding construction or mining tasks. Also, the scraper is capable to dig, load, haul and dump. Not so long ago, the operators needed three different machines for these four operations: excavator, truck and loader. With these three machines, the operating costs were very high. Today, the incredible scraper is a four-in-one machine that can do it all.