The Purpose of the Different Types of Welding Accessories


It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or you have been welding and fabricating for years, there are some essential tools and supplies you are bound to use in your day to day welding process. As you probably already know, welding can be dangerous and requires a lot of care when working and that is why it is best to use the necessary safety equipment, both for the protection of the welder and the people that are around.

One of the more essential pieces of safety equipment is the auto dimming welding helmet. These helmets are key to the welding process and require constant use when welding. They provide safety from light emitted and other debris that might cause damage. They work by quickly dimming the light, this not only protects your eyes but also makes locating your welding joint easier. They are the most common welding accessories and should be used at all times when welding.

When welding, it is very important that the metal pieces are perfectly aligned. This is why you ought to make sure that all angles are correct and everything is levelled. For this purpose, you will need welding clamps as to tighten everything up and keep the pieces aligned during the welding process. They also keep your hands free, allowing you to work more easily and make any final adjustments if needed. These welding accessories serve as an extra pair of hands and can make the entire process much easier.


Other useful pieces of equipment are the welding magnets. They are used to create 90 degree angles and are perfect for building frames for tables, fire pit grates and more. They can be found in various sizes to suit any project you might be working on. An important consideration is to make sure that you buy multiple magnets since if for instance you are making a square frame you will need to have one magnet on each corner to ensure a perfect rectangle. They are magnetic so they can easily be placed and adjusted and they keep everything nice and straight so you don’t have to keep measuring thus saving you a lot of time and aggravation.

And of course, once you are done welding, you will need to smooth out the welds and make sure they are ready for polishing and paint. For this purpose, there are multiple tools you can use – an angle grinder is great for this job. By changing the disc you can perform multiple tasks from grinding to polishing. If however, you need more precise work done and are worried that you might damage the metal, you can use a metal file. They take up more time but are perfect for small delicate pieces.