Ways to Make Your Outdoor Cooking Area More Purposeful & Beautiful

Once the sun comes out, one of the main things everyone wants to do is to spend more time outdoors. Except for the amazing long walks in the park, another favourite thing we Aussies love to do is to hang out in our outdoor spaces. No matter how big or small, this is the area where one can rest after a long busy day, gather with friends and family, catch up and have fun. When it comes to adding functionality and appeal to this area, nowadays there are plenty of things that can be done. And since cooking outdoors has become a huge trend, adding a few things that can beautify the cooking area and add more efficiency is a great idea. In light of that, let’s go though the most pivotal things that can change your outdoor game and render it ready for any season.


Fire Pit

The ideal way to add warmth to an outdoor entertaining and cooking area is by placing a fire pit. Except for being stylish, fire pits are great for those chilly nights when all we want to do is to light the fire and sit around it with the people we love. Generally speaking, a fire pit gives a sense of comfort to any type of outdoor kitchen, so adding it can really achieve the feeling of bringing the indoors out.


Outdoor Grill

Experts say that an outdoor kitchen wouldn’t be complete without an outdoor grill. Despite that, a lot of people had been avoiding adding one mainly because of their size and price. Nowadays, however, everyone can afford to have a grill designed for outdoor cooking. Manufacturers know that not all homeowners are lucky enough to enjoy a large outdoor kitchen, so there’s the option of a small table grill, specially designed for outdoor cooking. These types of grills make outdoor cooking extremely easy. One can choose between the electrical version or the ones that work on charcoal, briquettes and wood. Once lit up, the next step is adding the pan and the grill is ready for roasting.

The electric types of grills are made from stainless steel, while the other ones are usually made from high-quality ceramic as it’s robust and durable. Additionally, ceramic acts as a heat store that reduces the fuel consumption which can be beneficial when used at night. Both of these vary in size, so it should be easy to choose the right one for your outdoor cooking needs.



Summer nights are ideal for spending time outdoors, and adding a TV to the outdoor area can only make things better. Except for arranging a movie night with your favourite people, TVs are also great for watching a match or some world cup.



Having a place to hide from the sun when the weather is too hot is essential. And one of the easiest ways to do that is by installing a pergola. Pergolas have been present on the market since ever, where the first version was wooden, adorned with a thick fabric in order to create shade. Nowadays, people can invest in the modernised electric versions which can be opened and closed with the help of a remote.



Usually, beauty lies in simplicity. Instead of splurging on some fancy and expensive devices and products, changing the tableware could do wonders. Gone are the days when white porcelain dishes were the only ones available on the market. Nowadays, there is a large selection of dishes differing in material, design, size and shape, which can significantly ease the purchase. Exterior designers recommend mixing colours, materials an patterns as the outdoor allows it. A rule to follow though is not to mix way too many colours.


Comfortable Seating

Last but not least, the furniture you choose plays a great role as well. In fact, everything can be in vain if the chosen outdoor furniture is not comfortable. No matter how fancy and stylish, if it’s not comfortable, it can create an unpleasant atmosphere which is not something that hosts would want. Therefore, make sure that the guests come for the food and stay for the comfy atmosphere. This is a win-win combo that can lead to endless fun and long night conversations.