What’s The Purpose Of Diesel Powered Air Compressor

A diesel powered air compressor is a device capable to convert air into kinetic energy which is used for many applications. This machine compress and pressurize large amount of air, and then releases the produced energy in quick bursts. As its name indicates, the diesel powered air compressor uses diesel fuel as a power source. While the electric air compressors are specifically designed for indoor use, the diesel air compressors are generally used for outdoor heavy-duty applications, such as: repair projects, construction works and for powering pneumatic tools.


Unlike the electric compressor, the diesel powered air compressor is designed for larger projects. Since it creates harmful gases, this compressor should never be used for indoor jobs. The diesel compressors are also used in production line manufacturing processes, maintenance of industrial plants, making fertilizers and for powering a variety of tools. Even the homeowners can use the diesel compressors for moving debris.

The diesel-powered compressors are designed with an internal motor, which pulls air inside the machine from the surrounding. With the pistons moving up and down, the air compressors constantly store air in their tanks. The compressed air in the tank can be used for different applications and for powering pneumatic tools.

People usually choose between gas and diesel powered air compressor. Both compressors have their own advantages. The diesel compressors have an advantage of generating more power than the gas-powered compressors. Furthermore, the diesel is thicker than the gasoline, which is important at high temperatures. Therefore, the diesel-powered compressors are capable to provide better air flow which increases the overall cost-efficiency. Most compressor experts suggest using a diesel powered air compressor, especially if more power is needed.

Longer lifespan and durability are another advantages of the diesel-powered compressors. Made from highly durable materials and well-protected with a hard covering, these compressors can guarantee effective operation for many years. But the potential users need to know that they are much louder than the gas-powered compressors. For that reason, the operators need to be protected with ear plugs.