Xylitol Purpose: Healthy Deal for Tasty Meal

It seems that everyone is finally coming to their senses concerning their health. With so much influence that technology has over our lifestyles, it’s no wonder most of the world population makes poor diet choices. For one, it has to do with the lack of time to prepare healthy meals all day, and as second there are plenty of processed food options to choose from, making it difficult to resist the urge. This is particularly the case when sugar is in question. For long we’ve thought it was fat that was the main culprit of health issues, when in fact it turned out to be sugar.


Be it serious as it may, it’s not that easy to give up on a habit, even if it’s a bad one. It’s not weird to admit to being a sugar addict because it’s not that difficult to get sugar cravings, wanting to grab a bite of processed sweets most of the time. Try to give up on it immediately and you risk having a backfire situation, trust me I know. The longest I could go on without the taste and sight of sugar was three weeks, even though I’d read somewhere that the sixth week is the decisive one to set a healthy habit and successfully give up on sugar, but I gave in to chocolate half way. Though it seemed the point of no return, luckily for me, a friend of mine had just started with her quest for the best sugar alternative which inspired me to join up and try out conduct research of my own. Among all the good alternatives, xylitol ¬†seemed to be the one with most praises. I shared the info with my friend and we both made the decision to start adding it to our diet.

I’d heard people talk about the possible laxative effects, however I never experienced them but it might be the dosage. Starting small is the goal, your body takes time to get used to the taste and its effects. There are packages in different sizes and amounts you can find, xylitol 2kg, 2.5, as little as 225g and as much as 20kg. If you aren’t sure which one should be your starting point, it’s best to go for the medium. This way you can see how much you get to spend, do the math on how frequently you have to buy, it’s all part of defining the dosage.

If you need more time to get used to the taste, because it’s not the same as refined sugar, you can begin by sprinkling it on your beverages and meals. This way you also won’t get any gastrointestinal problems. Even after long term usage there are no side effects, on the contrary only benefits you can reap, however if you expect to feel immediate difference anti-cavity wise, you’re going to get disappointed. It takes at least six months for the anti-cavity protection to get effective, but it’s worth the wait and you learn how to be patient. Since the daily recommended dose for adults is two tablespoons (six to ten grams), I found the xylitol 2kg package to be ideal for me.

Not only are meals tasty again (it does taste as good as sugar), but they’re also healthier and I was finally able to maintain my weight under control since it’s only got 2.4 calories per gram and of course my trips to the dentist are also reduced. Ideal waistline, dazzling smile and still get to have the sweet taste part of my diet, what could be better than this? Oh, and cooking also got all the more fun, with new mouthwatering recipes¬† to try out.