5 Most Purposeful Shoes for Every Modern Man’s Wardrobe

If we make a retrospective throughout history, shoes were first invented for the rich merchants and elite aristocrats, to protect their feet and show their social status in the society they lived in. Later, with the practice of remaking and repairing old shoes, and using cheaper materials to produce them, shoes became available for most of the lower social classes and poorer people.

Since then, men shoes have been exposed to various evolutions and fashion trends and today they have become iconic pieces of accessory that can make or break every male outfit. So, if you like following the latest fashion trends and want to be well dressed for every occasion, we made a list of the 5 types of shoes you should have in your wardrobe.

Monk Shoes

Monk strap sandals were originally invented in the 15th century in Europe, to accompany the monks’ lifestyle of worship and manual labour. Later, the monks who lived in the colder areas, such as the Alps, invented a closed-toe version of these sandals, intended to provide them with some warmth and protect them from the elements.

monk shoes
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Because of their functionality, these shoes continued to be used by the general public too. However, they have greatly evolved into a version that is no longer primarily used for its initial purpose. Nowadays, every stylish man should own handcrafted leather monk shoes to feel comfortable and look stylish on a variety of occasions.

A pair of elegant Italian monk shoes is the best match to every formal, good-tailored suit. So, if you need to wear a classic black elegant suit, then a nice, leather-made pair of black monk shoes will make you look outstanding without trying too much. On the other hand, if you want to spice up your boring formal outfit, don’t hesitate to combine the classic monk shoe with grey, charcoal or brown shades to stand out from the crowd.

These shoes are not intended only for formal occasions and they can also be combined for more casual occasions. So, don’t be afraid to combine them with casual pants or jeans and a unique pair of over-the-calf socks that matches your outfit’s colour. Or, you can even wear them barefoot. Also, to get the most out of your double-strapped monk shoes on casual occasions, you can try to add some “sprezzatura”, which means leaving one strap unbuckled, the same way you leave one button of your blazer unbuttoned, or your shirt cuff undone.

Leather Boots

Every fashionable guy of the 21st century needs to own at least one pair of leather boots. Starting from the classic Chelsea boots, they’re usually made of suede leather which comes in deep, teddy-bear shaded beige-taupe colours and is one of the highest-quality leathers. This makes the Chelsea boot a great pair of dress shoes that can be worn with a suit for formal occasions and can be combined with a nice formal blazer and a belt that matches the colour of your boots.

mens black leather boots
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Chelsea boots can be also made of other leather materials and can be styled with some more casual pieces like ripped jeans or denim shirts and jackets. But if you’re the type of guy who prefers a bolder outfit style, then don’t be afraid to enhance your style with a pair of western biker style boots. These boots are great to be worn with every pair of jeans- from the classic blue jeans to your skinny ripped ones, and a leather jacket for the ultimate finish.

Casual Sneakers

In the last decade, casual sneakers made a huge buzz among both men and women since they survived a great transformation and became suitable for various occasions. You can style them with every casual outfit, so don’t hesitate to your give your favourite jeans or your most stylish workwear shirt a fashionable touch with a pair of these modern chunky sneakers.

But, as we said before, these sneakers are so versatile that they managed to beat their casual-ish purpose, and can be also worn with tailored trousers, cuffed pants, chinos, shirts and casual blazers for the office or any other smart-casual occasion.

casual sneakers
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Finally, when styling sneakers for smarter occasions, make sure you’re a great player and avoid looking like you threw the first shoes you found in your closet. If you don’t know how to style them properly, start from the basic black or white trendy sneakers until you get a sense of how to combine sneakers with smarter pieces.

Also, make sure you leave the trend of wearing Chuck’s “All-Stars” dirty in your teenage years, and always keep your sneakers pristine clean. Even if you style them impeccably, sneakers have the power to break every fashionable outfit if they’re dirty.


Every urban, modern guy takes care of his physical appearance by training and exercising, which makes having a nice pair of comfortable trainers essential. But beyond their basic purpose, the latest fashion trends’ main rule is to break the rules and take your running shoes for a walk a bit further than the gym or your favourite running trail. Feel free to wear your running trainers with a pair of nice joggers or skinny jeans and an edgy tee for casual dinners with your boys or girl.

men trainers
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If slides were ultimately intended to wear while having cocktails on the beach or pool parties, we’re happy to break it out to you that they have become the ultimate fashion staple in the past couple of years. And plus, what can be more comfortable to wear for the steamy summer days?

So, besides styling them with your favourite boardshorts and trunks, don’t be afraid to get creative and start wearing them with denim shorts or tapered jeans and eye-catching tees. Also, slides go extremely well with patterns, so you can also combine them with khakis or shorts with floral prints and a relaxed white shirt. These combos are great for casual occasions, such as summertime cocktails with your friends, casual dates and similar.