The Hows & Whats of the Western Clothing Style

The classic cowboy look has been around for a long time and for a good reason too – it’s unique, it’s memorable and it tells a story. However, not many people can pull it off nowadays, even though it is one of the most iconic looks. Now, if you are a real cowboy, and you spend your days working on the family farm or simply western style clothing is a norm where you come from, then you don’t have to worry that adopting this style will make you look ridiculous. However, the newcomers to seem to fall short when it comes to properly wearing western style clothing, so here are a few tips to keep in mind when putting together your western wardrobe.

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Jeans and Boots

Every cowboy has a pair of wrangler jeans, and for a good reason. Wranglers were designed for horse riding and that is just one of the reasons why cowboys have fallen in love with these jeans. A great model wrangler clothing online and offline stores offer for you beginners are the Slim Fit 936. These are great because they can make your legs appear longer. As for the boots, no matter how good you think they look, the jeans need to go over the boots, in fact you should get them one size longer as to ensure that the jeans are long enough when you are wearing your boots.


When we are talking about western shirts, people imagine a floral-embroidered shirt with fringes, but it should be known that this is very old style of wrangler clothing online and offline stores of today offer something very different. Today’s western shirts are very similar to other shirts of today’s casual look, not just in design but also in their choice in colours and patterns. Plain and simple or with stripes or checkered pattern and more neutral colours are now becoming more and more popular in western style clothing.

The Hat

No western look can be complete without the hat. However, it is very important that you get a genuine hat (some people get fooled by imitations being soled on the streets). A good quality hat is thin, yet sturdy, tightly woven and smooth to the touch. There are plenty of different styles of hats, but that does not mean any hat will do. Much like glasses or sunglasses, you should make sure that the style of the hat suits the shape of your face. Also, when wearing your hat you should never wear it resting far at the back of your head, exposing your forehead. That is not the way cowboy hats were intended to be worn – they ought to be tilted to the front.