A Purposeful Guide to What Makes for the Perfect Kids’ Guitar

Guitarists are some of the most loved people on earth. Playing the guitar instantly makes one more charismatic and desirable as a company. This is simply an instrument that brings people together. If you are a a parent who’s considering to get a guitar for your kid, buckle up as you’ll face a tough choice.

Choosing the right guitar for your kid is paramount as the first few months are crucial for your child to learn to play on it. Even though the age can play a huge role in how interested your kid will be or not, the guitar and its size are also important for keeping his/her interest.

Choosing the Right Kids Guitar

Classic Guitars

If music genes run in the family and your kid shows interest in playing on the old guitar you have lying around the house, professionals recommend starting with the classic type. Unlike electric and acoustic guitars which usually have steel strings, classic guitars have nylon strings that are quite gentle on the kids’ fingers. The classic guitars are ideal for playing flamenco, Spanish and classical music. When compared to electric and acoustic guitars, the classical ones produce a mellow, soft sound and they aren’t that loud.

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic and classic guitars have a similar look and shape – the difference is in the strings. Acoustic guitars have steel strings which when compared to the classic guitar, provide a much brighter and louder sound. The acoustic guitars are great for laying pop, folk, country and slow rock music.

Electric Guitars

The main benefit of electric guitars is the narrower neck that makes them more manageable for little kids’ hands. If you want to make sure your kid plays guitar with ease and minimal frustration, go for the kids version of electric guitars which is smaller and lighter. These mini versions are fully assembled with great sound, intonation and playing action, ideal for kids of all ages. Electric guitars are great for playing metal, rock, pop and country music.

kid plays guitar

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Choosing the Right Size

Electric Guitars

Age Height Recommended Size
5 – 880 cm – 100 cm1/2 Size
8 – 12100 cm – 125 cm3/4 Size
12++ 125 cmFull Size

Acoustic Guitars

AgeHeightRecommended Size
5 – 12100 cm – 120 cm3/4 Size
12 – 15120 cm – 165 cmSmall Body
15 ++ 165 cmFull Size

Classic Guitars

Age HeightRecommended Size
2 – 575 cm – 100 cm1/4 Size
5 – 8100 cm – 125 cm1/2 Size
8 – 12125 cm – 165 cm3/4 Size
12 ++ 165 cmFull Size
Source: 7yearolds

How to Play Guitar for Kids?

Once you have made a decision regarding which type of guitar is best for your kid, it is time to help him/her play. But before you do that, you will need to go through some of the guitar basics together: bridge, strings, fretboard, tuning pegs, soundhole, etc. Once done, you can proceed explaining other guitar details. If you don’t feel ready to do this on your own, you can always seek professional help. Teachers have their own tricks and they can help your kid understand the basics and start playing much faster.

Some Important Things to Have in Mind

Don’t put pressure on your kid. Encourage him/her to practice but don’t turn it into a chore – if your kid falls in love with the sound of the guitar naturally, you won’t have to force anything. Just be patient and let your kid plays guitar in a fun and relaxed way.

Make sure you choose a teacher that has a good approach as this also plays a huge role in how good your kid will become at playing the guitar. If not sure where to start, consult with your friends and family. Besides this, you can also visit some online blogs and see what are the best teacher options near your place.