A Whole Bag of Leads to Seize Control of Your Dog

No matter how well-trained your dog is, keeping it under control when you are out for a walk in public is very important for the safety of your dog, other dogs and people around you. A lead is a simple, yet very effective way to keep your dog under control while you train it. It can help you achieve the following goals: prevent it from chasing other dogs, animals, children, and people that have a phobia of dogs; prevent it from wandering off or pooping in inappropriate places; prevent it from running into traffic and injuring themselves or even other people if they cause an accident; tether it to keep it safe in case you can’t give them attention for a short period of time, and so on. In most places throughout the world, it is even required by law to keep your dog on a lead when you take it out of the house. So, if you like it then you should definitely put a lead on it.

Dog and a Lead

There is a large variety dog kits on the market and a number of factors that you need to consider when choosing the best one for your dog such as the size of your dog, the breed, the temperament, whether you use it for exercise or casual walks, and so on. Basically, there are three components that you should be aware of: leads, collars, and harnesses.


Different types of leads are available for different usage and different types of dogs. Ranging from a heavy chain lead to a retractable dog lead, there is one that fits every dog in the world. When choosing a lead, you need to consider if it’s suitable for the size and the strength of the dog. For smaller dogs, for example, retractable dog leads are a perfect choice. It can be extended and retracted to give the dog more or less freedom of movement, and they are a great way to provide more space to roam for dogs that are not allowed off the lead. Other types of leads such as leather, chain and nylon are a matter of personal preference, but you should always make sure that the lead is suitable for the size of your dog and won’t break under stress.

Retractable Dog Lead


Just like leads, different types of collars are designed for different uses, dog breeds, and dog sizes. One of the most common collars is the buckle collar which is basically a band of leather or some other material with a collar attached to it which allows you to adjust the size and they are suitable for most dog types. Slip collars on the other hand, are designed to train dogs since they encourage them not to pull the lead and also for better control of headstrong dogs that tend to pull a lot. There are also break away collars designed for safety reasons which release when excessive force is applied, and they can prove to be really helpful in case your dog gets entangled and you are not around to react on time.


The harness is perfect if you actually want your dog to pull, for example when you ride your bike or rollerblades. Also, for some dogs, this is the safest option. If your dog has a pushed-in face that restricts breathing, has an elongated slender neck, or just throat problems in general, a collar may not be a good idea. Harnesses are worn around the chest of the dog and produce less pressure on the neck.

But, no matter what kind of collar you use, it is important to pay attention to your energy and the dog’s energy as well. This way you are telling your dog where to go and how fast to go without speaking and using only body language.