All Purposeful Steps of Wheel Replacement

A lot of small parts make up caravans and the jockey wheel is one of them. It’s a very functional part on various wheeled apparatus, especially caravans. It’s usually located at the front end of caravans, next to the hitch. It adds support and functionality and its main role is to help you maneuver your caravan into a position and provide it with some mobility when not attached to a vehicle. Quality jockey wheels are usually durable and long-lasting.

Wheel Replacement

However, when performing routine maintenance, you may find yourself in a need of a caravan jockey wheel replacement. Luckily, this is not a very complicated process to perform, with a bit of knowledge and guidance as well as the right materials, anyone can do it. Once you have everything, the entire process shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to complete.

Phase One: Removing the Old Jockey Wheel
Make sure the trailer is stationary during the exchange by securing it onto appropriate support to ensure the draw bar is lifted off the floor. Find the thread-on nuts on the mounting bracket of the old caravan jockey wheel. Use the spanner to loosen the thread-on nuts. Once removed, the old bolts can be pulled out of the holes to remove the entire jockey wheel.

Phase Two: Placing a New Jockey Wheel
Locate a suitable area on the draw bar of the caravan to fit the jockey wheel. Align the wheel vertically against the draw bar so that all 4 holes on the mounting plate are accurately and firmly placed on the draw bar. Start sliding the new bolts into the holds of the mounting plate while holding the mounting wheel in place one at a time in order to attach the jockey wheel to the caravan. Once all the bolts are placed into the draw bar, place their accompanying thread-on nuts to secure them safely in place. Ensure all bolts are placed before fastening all of them tightly.

In order to ensure that all of them are tightly fastened indeed, repeat the fastening process a few times, tightening a bit at a time moving along from one bracket to another, returning to the original one a few times. There’s a handle on top of the jockey wheel which you should turn to the lowest setting and swing down by turning the caravan jockey wheel replacement horizontally, and make sure it’s still fastened at this setting.

Remove the caravan support to check the functionality of your new wheel. Adjust the height of the new jockey wheel and see if it moves smoothly and whether there are signs of misalignment or not.