Best Newborn Gifts That Serve a Purpose

A new baby in the family or your closest circle of friends is one of the best news. If you’re getting ready to meet the little bundle of joy for the first time, you’re probably wondering what kind of gift should you bring along. There are a million things to choose when it comes to baby presents. But which is the best and most practical one?

Getting a gift for a newborn can be tricky because a baby truly doesn’t need anything. But that doesn’t mean their parents don’t either. So, when choosing a newborn baby gift, it’s best to have the mom and dad in mind. Getting a newborn toys to play with may not be necessary at the moment since the little one is too young for that. So, it’s best to pick something that would make the parents’ life easier in the first months. And here are several great ideas that serve a purpose.

Bath Time Supplies


Bath time is something a lot of new parents are worried about. Make the process easier by getting practical bath time supplies that ensure the baby is safe and comfortable. For instance, a soft and cosy baby towel with a hoodie can make a lovely newborn baby gift. Especially if it’s made of natural and organic materials like cotton or bamboo. After the warm relaxing bath, the baby will be nicely snuggled in the towel while mum is preparing the diapers and the pyjamas. Babies love soft materials that make them feel safe.

A baby bathtub is one of the most practical things you can give to the parents of a newborn. Choose one that has three stages so the baby can be elevated at three different levels. These baths have an extra part made of soft mesh that allows for an ergonomic body position (higher for the entire body’s support and lower once the baby starts to sit). A bath of this type is comfortable, safe and super fun for the baby and practical for the parents. Once the child grows up a bit, the mash can be completely removed, so they can sit comfortably in a spacious bath where they can play with toys and enjoy the warm water.

Smart Baby Monitor


Even though parents are mostly around the newborn, they too are human beings with basic needs. Having a bath on their own, going to the bathroom, cooking a meal, or simply resting a little bit will help them to recharge. During this time, the parents would want to know what’s going on with the baby.

Instead of having to check the baby’s nursery every ten to fifteen minutes, the smart baby monitor will help them observe the child while doing other errands or resting in another room. An especially helpful option is a smart baby monitor with night vision. If you’re seeking extra ‘things’, get a monitor that shows the room temperature as well. If the monitor comes with a microphone, the mom or dad can talk to the baby and soothe them without having to get up and go to the nursery. This will be of great help for everyone; the parents can catch a break, and the baby won’t get used to them running in the room any time they cry.

Babyprints Photo Frame

If you want to give the newborn something that will keep the memories of the first days of their lives, then a baby prints photo frame is a great choice. In twenty years they would be thrilled to see how small their feet were or how curly their hair was. Such presents might not be practical for the everyday life of the newborn but are definitely a beautiful way to freeze time forever. You can find frames that come with white clay where the baby foot or arm will be pressed, but also you can go with the ink pad option. Both versions are cool and safe for newborns and what’s best there will be no mess at all.

Baby Play Gym


A baby play gym is a superb baby gift and a good way to keep the baby entertained but also a good way for the baby to move their arms and try to touch the dangling toys hanging on the arch above. The padding is soft and ideal for the baby lying on their back but also rolling on their side or stomach. The hanging toys are ideal entertainment and a good workout as well so the child can develop better motoric movements and strengthen their little arm muscles. The bay gym can be placed anywhere from the floor, parent’s bed, but also on the floor or outside on the grass. Usually, the arch with the toys can be easily removed, so the mat can be used alone, packed in a bag, or stored in the closet or garage.