The Wonderful Multipurpose Design of Dual Roller Blinds

In the 21st century, we’re spoiled by choice and variety in all aspects of life. When I was a kid, coffee was either black or with sugar and cream. Now, the endless list of fancy words on the menu of your local coffeehouse will make your head spin. Having more than your heart desires is not necessary a bad thing, but it certainly has its disadvantages, like not being able to make your mind up. And everyone who’s been shopping for blinds at least once in their life knows how difficult it is to choose a single design.


This is perhaps the reason why the dual roller blind is becoming a common finding in homes and offices across Australia. This clever and innovative blind design offers you the advantage of having two different blinds on the same window. Both blinds are attached to the same mechanism but each is operated by a different pull chain which can be used separately. This allows you to conveniently switch between both blind types.

Typically, the dual roller blind consists of one blind in a sunscreen or translucent fabric combined with another in a blackout fabric that ensures no light is able to get through. This way you can achieve both complete privacy and light control. Moreover, when you have both blinds down, you are able to provide your home with twice the insulation. If you want to shield the inside of your home and your beautiful furnishings from the harmful UV rays, there are also many dual rollers which come with UV protection.

Roller Blinds

Although they are made of fabric, dual rollers are wonderfully low maintenance. To keep them looking fresh and stunning you only need to wash them with a clean damp cloth and some mild detergent from time to time. Many fabrics used for this type of blinds are mould resistant and some are even fire retardant. This makes dual roller blinds a great choice for humid or hot areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

All in all, the dual roller blind is a multi-functional window covering with a clean, modern look able to fit in all kinds of interiors from professional to residential. It’s so unobtrusive and adaptive, that it can even be paired with all kinds of curtains from sheers to heavier silk fabrics without looking overcrowded. Coupled with curtains this way, the double roller can have softening effect perfect for the relaxation zones of the home, like bedrooms and lounges.