Linen Dresses: Stay Cool & Stylish All Summer Long

When the season changes and the weather becomes warmer, people turn to lightweight clothes that feel pleasant on the skin. Linen is one of those fabrics that are ideal for the warmer days of spring and summer. If you haven’t worn this fabric before, it’s natural that you have questions about it. Even though it’s similar to cotton, it’s not the same.

Many people think that linen is a fabric used only for bedsheets, however, it’s one of the most pleasant and lightweight materials, ideal for summer clothes. If you’re looking for a new dress for the upcoming warmer days and want to see how linen would work, take a look at our suggestions.

girl with blue linen summer dress and hat on her head


What Is Linen Fabric?

Linen is a flax-based textile. It’s mainly used for homeware application. And even though it has similar properties as cotton, linen is in fact made from fibres that come from the stems of the flax plant. Clothes made of linen are among the most popular for hot weather, especially in humid climates. Cotton tends to hold moisture for a certain period. Linen dries fast, which is very convenient for super hot and busy days.

When it comes to manufacturing, linen is more time and resource-intensive than cotton. The unique and excellent attributes of linen have prevented the total suspension of the global production of this textile. In certain countries, such as China, linen is made in fairly large quantities.

How Is Linen Fabric Made?

The forming material for linen fabric is the cellulose fibre that comes from the stems of linen plants. Like the stems of many similar plants, linen stems have a woody, reedy interior section and a fibrous exterior section. Manufacturers separate flax fibres from the woody interior or flax stem. Traditionally, this step has been achieved by soaking raw flax stems. Nowadays, manufacturers may use chemicals to get the same effect. Before flax fibres are turned into yarn, these chemicals are removed with washing (however, residual toxic substances may remain on chemically-separated flax fibre).

girl with white linen dress and black hat


Types of Linen Dresses

Shirt Dress

For your working days on hot spring and summer days, choose shirt ladies linen dresses. These models come with buttons and a belt and the upper part has a shirt-like collar. Their design makes these dresses fairly popular among businesswomen who need to stay fresh during the long hours at work. However, shirt ladies linen dresses aren’t reserved for the job only. You can add a few cool accessories such as platform sandals and a statement bag and achieve the perfect street style fashion look.

Beach Dress

When heading to the beach, the last thing you care about is clothes. Your beach dress should be lightweight, wide enough to keep you comfortable and of course it should be in a light colour (white, yellow, pastels) so it will reflect the sun rays off of you. Linen dresses are ideal for the beach since they tend to dry fast, don’t make you sweaty and look cute. Pick a model with straps or without them, with long wide sleeves, long, midi or short. The fabric will keep you fresh and comfortable the entire day.


Your boho linen dress is the base of the entire outfit. It should be long or mid-length, flowy and paired with your favourite accessories and shoes.
Boho linen dresses are ideal for spring and summer thanks to their breezy material. You can choose any design (with long sleeves, strapless, with belts, asymmetric) and then layer the dress with your favourite shawl, jacket or cardigan. Put on your favourite ankle boots or platform sandals, put on a big hat and you’re ready to conquer the world.


Long-sleeved linen dresses can be worn in most seasons. During hot days, they will help you stay fresh and protected from harmful UV rays. If the weather is colder, they will keep you warm. Your long-sleeved linen dress can be a good base for several layers such as a sweater, leather or a jean jacket, and scarves.

girl with linen summer dress


How to Wear a Linen Dress in Spring & Summer

Getting out of your winter clothes can feel like such a relief. Putting on a linen dress will feel as if you aren’t wearing anything. When it comes to the style of these dresses, make sure to adapt the sleeves and length to the temperature. A long dress with long sleeves will be the ideal choice for springtime when the weather is warm but still not too warm for short sleeves and bare skin.

In the summertime, you can give in to the various designs and lengths of linen dresses. Choose any length, short sleeves or straps. No matter how hot it is, you will remain comfortable in your dress. If you’re prone to sweating, just choose a linen dress in darker colours (to avoid those nasty sweat circles under your armpits).

How to Choose The Dress & Can You Wear It on Formal Events?

Some formal events that take place in summer may be a real challenge when it comes to finding the right clothes. Linen is a great fabric and you can find many clothes made of it (pants, cardigans, skirts, blouses, dresses). When it comes to dresses, you can find a lot of different models suitable for various occasions.

Pick a dress that is designed to match the occasion. If it’s a corporate party, it should be more formal, in darker colours, with sleeves and combined with suitable shoes, bag and jewellery. There is no reason not to choose a linen dress for your next event, just make sure to match the design and the colours with the occasion.