Longspan Shelving – Purpose, Types And Applications

Longspan shelving is a strong, flexible and cost efficient solution for all kinds of storage needs. This type of storage shelving is great for storing goods ranging from small to heavy and bulky, but as its name indicates, ideal for long-shaped goods as well. Most longspan shelves are easy and quick to assemble and do not require specific expertise nor special equipment. A typical longspan shelving does not take a lot of space and provides maximum storage in minutes.

longspan shelving

Longspan shelving is suitable for a wide range of applications. From industrial and home use to engineering workshops, longspan shelving is the best storage solution in a variety of applications. It is widely used in home garages, warehouses, archive storage, automotive workshops, manufacturing plants, schools, colleges, tyre storage, retail storage and many more.

Types Of Longspan Shelving

Longspan Shelving With Timber Shelves: This type of shelving is the most commonly used one, as it suitable for numerous applications: automotive workshops, schools and college, retail storage, archive storage, manufacturing plants and home use. The longspan shelving with timber shelves is a very affordable, yet a strong and durable solution. In terms of shelf heights, it is completely adjustable, as it is assembled by the user. The simple shelf assembly requires no specific techniques or tools. The beams clip into frames and the timber shelves sit on beams.

Longspan Shelving With Steel Shelves: For storing heavier and bulky goods, longspan shelving with steel shelves is the perfect solution. It is a long-term storage solution and is suitable to a wide range of applications. The longspan shelving with steel shelves can be used for storing from small parts to heavy and long goods and supplies. The shelf height is also fully adjustable and the capacity can vary up to 500kg.

Longspan Shelving With Mesh Shelves: The design of longspan shelving with mesh shelves is just as simple as the previous two. It consists of nothing more than beams and shelves and it is the most versatile shelving solution. The longspan shelving with mesh shelves provides significant benefits over other shelving concerning fire and safety regulations. It can be used for storing smaller items without a loss in loading capacity. Also, its mesh shelves minimize dust accumulation and provide a better air circulation, lighter penetration and better visibility.

Securaspan: This shelving system consists of elements from all three types of longspan shelving and is used for storing items that require maximum safety. Lockable and secure, the securaspan varies in terms of size and shape to meet the needs of each user.