Purpose and Secrets For A Successful Skip Hire

A successful skip hire comes down to two things: your waste being completely removed and your yard being left clean and in order. To achieve this, first you need to find the skip bin company that actually cares about how your waste is disposed. And hiring such skip company is not an easy task. Yes, you can find many skip hire listed online, but majority of these companies are probably frauds. So, here are a few things you need to know and a few tips to follow in order to make a successful skip hire.


  1. Distinguish the good companies from the bad ones

    Good skip bin companies are considered the ones that offer to remove your waste and take proper care of it. These companies operate their own waste transfer centers. The bad companies on the other hand, take the garbage out of your yard, leave it somewhere else and call themselves waste collectors. There really isn’t any special way for you to know which one is which, so try to do a little research on the companies; their past experiences, client satisfaction, or you can even ask how they treat waste after it’s been collected from your yard.

  1. Know why skip hiring costs so much

    Waste picking is not an easy nor a cheap task. It has high starting costs: from a cost of a skip bin to employee wages, permits, insurance and similar.

  1. Know that a successful skip hire company will ask for time

    Be flexible time wise. Show some patience since there is traffic, and some times people leave wrong pick-up and leave-in details.

  2. There is a limit on how much waste skip wagons can carry

    Don’t get upset if the company does not take all your waste; they are legally bound to carry waste that reaches a certain limit, nothing more. So, to make sure everything is taken care of, always order a skip bin one size than what you actually need.

  1. Different quotes from different companies

    After all, business is all about competition! You should know that price should suit the level of the service offered. The better the service, the higher the price. Plus, have in mind that some companies will charge you extra for the permits (if you hire a skip to be placed in your yard, you’re going to need a permit from your municipality for it).

  2. Have in mind the size

    A successful skip hire job is done when all the waste is taken care of in the cleanest way possible. If one skip bin does not fit all your waste, then you must have ordered the wrong size. Always order a bigger size than needed; remember that there is a limit on how much waste a skip bin can transfer.

  1. Don’t overfill the skip bin

    If you do, you risk making the entire job site more dangerous. Moreover, say in advance if you’re thinking about throwing toxic waste; it shouldn’t be mixed with other garbage, and the waste picking staff may refuse to take it.


To have a successful skip hire experience, make sure you do your research first, in order to hire a trusted skip bin company.