Purpose of Calculators with CAS

Advanced math students swear by calculators with CAS technology, so they must be life-savers at least. CAS stands for Computer Algebra System and calculators with this technology are considered to be extra advanced, graphic calculators. As such these can perform a large number of mathematical operations most of which are complex. So, if we put aside the fact that they are math students who find math a game, can calculus really be that easy thanks to a single calculator? It seems so.

CAS calculators are also known as symbolic calculators, because one of their main purposes is to produce symbolic results by manipulating the basic operations of dividing, subtracting, adding and multiplying and combining them with the advanced ones like factoring, expanding and simplifying. Also, these calculators deliver exact and accurate results, no approximations.


Calculators with CAS technology perform everything a simple calculator can do and a lot more: they divide, subtract, add and multiply as well as manipulate variables such as x and y. Moreover, factoring polynomials, expanding, solving equations and performing calculus functions with derivatives with no numerical limits is a piece of cake with these devices. They are doing all the calculating for you! And because they make things so easy, calculators with CAS option are banned from use on some tests like the SAT for example.

Besides using them for solving those hard math tasks, calculators with CAS technology can do a lot more: they can be attached to other devices and even serve as gaming elements! Some calculators of this type can be easily attached to other devices like elements for weather measurements, gauges, accelerometers and others. And since most of them are user-programmable and have superior math programming capability, math-based games can easily be installed on them to break the monotony when you are not solving equations.

These amazing graphing calculators usually come at a price of around $100. If you are a student, it certainly is quite an investment, but in this case, a wise one. So if you decide to get yourself one, make sure you do not overlook prominent and reliable brands as a top shelf brand will always surpass others in functionality, durability and will offer innovative and leading calculating skills.

To sum up, these calculators have one purpose: help you perform mathematical operations you would normally need hours for, in minutes. So, save yourself precious time and unwanted headaches and buy a CAS calculator to simplify your math tasks.