Purpose Of Gearbox Reduction

Gear box reduction is a relatively new process and is used in a plenty of industries. As with many other technological gadgets, not many people understand how it works and why is it needed in so many applications. Gearbox reduction assembly consists of a set of rotating gears, all connected to a wheel work. It is used to lower the input speed on demand of slower output speed, either with same or higher output torque. The number of featured gears in a gear box reduction assembly depends on the output speed requirements of the particular application.


The simplest way to explain the purpose of gear box reduction is saying that they are used by engineers and designers to slow down the output of motors. There are a few reasons why would engineers want to reduce the power of motors. The most common one for doing so is when the motor is too powerful for a specific application. Too high output for a non-requiring application can be very dangerous for the workers around. However, gear reducers can fix the problem of having too much of torque in the motor quickly and efficiently.

Another common reason when gear box reduction is required is when variable outputs in the same motor/application are required, according to the circumstances. For example, a normal motor output of a vehicle is appropriate for higher velocities that are reached on highways. However, this same output is too powerful for the lower speed requirements of city driving. With a reduction gear box in the vehicle, the speed will be perfectly adjusted for any driving conditions.

There are two types of reduction gear boxes: single reduction gear and double reduction gear. Both types have their own pros and cons and they are both widely used in many applications. The single reduction gear is consisted of one pair of gears only. This reduction gear box features ports through which the propeller and engine shaft enter the assembly. The engine shaft drives one of the gears, known as a pinion, which then drives the other and larger gear, mounted on the propeller shaft.

The double reduction gear box is most commonly used in applications that involve extremely high speeds. In this type of gearbox reduction assembly, the pinion is connected to the input shaft with a flexible coupling. The pinion is connected to the gear known as the first reduction gear, which is connected to another low speed pinion using one more shaft. This pinion is connected to another reduction gear, which is mounted directly on the propeller shaft.