Purpose Of Termite Inspection For Home Purchase


So, you’ve been saving for years and you can finally afford the dream house you’ve been eyeing. But wait, do you know exactly what you are buying? Are you sure the property is not damaged? What if you end up paying a lot for certain repairs? Or what if the house is pest infested? Termites can really cause serious damage to the foundation of the house what will cost you time and money. In case you didn’t know, termites are social insects which feed on wood and cellulose related materials. They can quietly destroy a property without been noticed, until the damaging effect starts showing on the floor, window and door frames.

But what can you do to save yourself from such troubles? Simple. Get a Termite inspection for home purchase before you close the deal. Don’t let your dream become a nightmare. It is an unwritten rule for all home buyers, especially the first-time home buyers, when buying a new property, always hire professional termite inspection service. This way you can be sure your investment is worth your savings. Now the question is – what is the purpose of a termite inspection for home purchase and what does a termite inspection service consists of?

Termite inspection service consists of a qualified and experienced pest inspector that will thoroughly check the whole property for pest and other damage. Depending on the inspector and condition of the property, many different techniques can be used to identify termites, such as:

  • visual inspection,
  • moisture meters,
  • fiber optic devices, and
  • thermal imaging cameras.

Roof, subfloor and all the rooms will be fully inspected. Also, the inspector will check for any presence of wood rot and fungal decay. But termite inspection for home purchase does not focus on the inside of the house only. Termite inspection service is inspection of the whole property. Thus, all conducive areas which have the potential to be infested by termites, both in the house and around it, like fences, trees and outbuildings will be inspected. At the end, after a detailed termite inspection service, an accurate and full report of the damages and level of activity will be provided by the inspector.

In order to obtain a high quality termite inspection service, make sure you hire a qualified inspection company that has the experience, equipment and staff. Also check if they possess a pest control license, a necessary professional and public liability cover, and if the inspection is conducted in accordance with the given standards. Moreover, when having a termite inspection for home purchase done, check if certain safety precautions are taken and what type of chemicals will be used. An experienced and qualified company will ensure complete safety.

Termite inspection for home purchase will give you all the information necessary to make the right decision – to buy or not to buy the property. You will be confident in your decision and on the potential rectification costs. With termite inspection for home purchase you will be able to negotiate the price if there is a major pest issue. Also, even though termite inspection for home purchase is often associated with the pre-purchase, termite inspection service should be done annually or more often in high risk areas.