Purposeful Bathroom Makeover with Vanity Units

timber vanity units for bathroom1

Given the fact that the bathroom is that space in the house that serves multiple purposes, apart from making it enjoyable, it’s also important to ensure it’s functional. And you can turn one into a functional and stylish space as long as you include the right bathroom elements. That includes the bathroom vanity unit.

The bathroom vanity comprises a sink and a storage structure around it. It serves a dual purpose of hiding the plumbing as well as providing the much-needed storage space. A bathroom vanity can be the most practical and seamless way in which you can store towels, makeup items, hairbrushes, hair products, creams, and other necessities. It can be used to keep your bathroom essentials and small toiletries perfectly organized. Also, vanity units make for an important part of the modern woman’s bathroom as women have all kinds of beauty rituals they perform in the morning and the evening before sleeping. By having everything organized in its place, it’s less likely that you’ll leave a bathroom mess every morning.

timber vanity units1

If you’re in the process of redesigning your bathroom or thinking about it, the offer is vast and pretty versatile in terms of materials and designs. And the best part is that space is not an issue as there are great options for both smaller and larger bathrooms.

For instance, wall hanging timber vanity units can save space and work perfectly in smaller bathroom suites. They also can make the bathroom feel larger by freeing up valuable floor space so you can accommodate trash cans and other small items. What’s more, the timeless aesthetics of timber vanity units can bring warmth even to the most characterless bathrooms. If the space is not an issue, you can opt for a floor standing vanity unit comprised of two or more cupboards and drawers.

Currently, in bathroom design, timber is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, as it’s an organic and eco-friendly material that not only looks great but exudes an effortless nonchalance. If you are looking to create a rustic bathroom, you can consider raw timber shelving, timber ceiling, and maybe a matching vanity for a space that appears relaxing and luxurious, without pretence or pompousness. Also, since bathrooms are hot, humid, wet and busy, your vanity units need to be made of materials that can withstand all that. On that note, solid timbers with a tight grain are best for bathroom spaces as they’re less likely to be affected by moisture.