Purposeful Makeover: Get the Most Out of Your Small Backyard

Lots of dining options, stunning skylines and awesome art and culture scene – Australia’s big cities have a lot going for them. However, spacious backyards usually aren’t on the list. For many city dwellers having a big yard is a luxury. But that doesn’t mean that even the small and awkwardly shaped backyards can’t be turned into fun, inviting and practical extensions of your home.

Add a Shed for Storage

Have you used up every inch of spare space in your home and can still benefit from an extra storage space? Why not invest in a small shed. Tiny and narrow backyards or patios can be turned into usable storage areas with the help of small sheds with sliding doors and skillion roofs. These structures are real space-savers and although small in size can accommodate items like home cleaning tools, garden equipment, bikes, and trash bins.

Source: www.colwesternsheds.com.au

For maximum storage capacity, you can further organize these by placing floating shelves, magnetic bars or add freestanding shelving units inside if space allows it. When everything is well organized, you can find what you need and when you need it quicker and easier.

When it comes to the material, small sheds made from high-tensile steel have a clean and modern look and therefore it’s most likely that will fit into your yard seamlessly without overwhelming the space. On top of that steel is long-lasting and very durable. Talk about a double win!

A storage shed that is the same color as the exterior of your house can act as an extension of your home. It will blend in perfectly and give the appearance of attached storage space, while in fact, it’s a standalone shed. If you can’t find a shed in matching color, you can paint it in your desired hue.

Hot Tub for Relaxation Purposes

Fast-paced city life can be draining. If you are in need of a little pampering, small and compact 2 person spa tub can be just the right thing.

A 2 person spa tub is ideal if you are living with your partner and want to make time for each other, having in mind how challenging can this be with today’s busy way of living. Or you can have it just for yourself and enjoy all the extra space, be it for a refreshing start of a day or ending one in style.

Source: www.hottubssunprairie.com

Tubs come in all shapes. Round and oval ones are usually more compact and therefore would work great for small yards or patios. If there is enough space left after the tub installation you can build a walkway leading to the tub (as I assume you don’t want to walk through grass or dirt before getting into it).

Create your very own oasis of calm in the busy city. If your yard or patio does not offer the privacy you need, surround the tub with privacy screens or walls. The same thing can be achieved with plants. If you have a green thumb, surround the hot tub with lush greenery but instead of planting in rows, plant vertically as this takes less space. For this purpose, you can use tall planters that facilitate vertical growth.

Small, compact spas are awesome on their own, but when paired with additional accessories can take your tub up a notch and ensure more fun and comfortable experience. Things like sidebar attached to the sidewall of your hot tub to hold your book or booze, safety handrail or umbrella for shade can all even further improve your spa soaking sessions.

Outdoor Kitchen for Cooking and Entertaining

With the awesome weather we’re blessed with, no wonder our cities are packed with fine places for outdoor dining. But dining outdoors is not reserved solely for the restaurant anymore. If you are a passionate foodie and want to prepare meals whilst enjoying the warm breeze and the sounds of the outdoors, you can turn your small backyard into a functional area for cooking and dining outdoors.This is a also a great option for those who don’t have big enough cooking space inside their home.

No outdoor cooking area is quite complete without an outdoor kitchen. For a small space, having the option to fully customize your kitchen to meet your specific needs and your space’s requirements is the best route to take.

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Going for an outdoor custom kitchen opens the opportunity for a plethora of styles, colors, and configurations. Want to have refreshing ice-cold drinks on hand for when your mates come over? In this case, your outdoor custom kitchen can have a bar fridge to keep the drinks cold in the hot days. Or maybe you want to have lots of storage space where you can keep all the pots and pans for cooking so you don’t have to go back indoors. In this case, you’ll need two or more storage units. If you are a BBQ aficionado who likes to entertain and enjoy demonstrating their culinary skills outdoors, a BBQ should be a mandatory addition to your outdoor kitchen.

For the purpose of creating overall inviting dining outdoor space, you can add comfortable cushioned chairs and a dining table so you can enjoy what you have just cooked, an umbrella for shade and comfy pillows and throws made from water-resistant fabrics, potted plants, and lights. With all these, you’ll definitely be digging the alfresco vibes.

Lastly, you don’t have to choose between one of these options. If your space allows it, you can have both a spa and a small shed in your yard for instance. You can use the shed to store all the items needed to keep your spa in tip-top shape like sponges and chemical cleansers and your spa accessories.