Steel Strapping Kit – the Purpose of Every Component Explained

Steel strapping on your own can be done only if you keep away from using your everyday tools and stick to the ones specifically made for the job. Since it can sometimes be hard to acquire them individually, I’d recommend you go for a strapping kit. This way you won’t have to worry if you are missing something or if you’ve got the right tool for the job. Of course, for those of you who are more experienced in this field, this won’t be a problem but for people who are just starting out – it’s good to know what’s in a strapping kit.

steel strapping kit


A strapping tensioner is a very rugged yet quite lightweight piece of equipment. It is made this way to make it easier for the user to go from one end of the warehouse to the other without the tool being a burden to carry. Also, the ruggedness is important so the tensioner doesn’t break when it’s under pressure. Make sure your steel strapping kit has a heavy-duty tensioner since you’re going to be working mainly with steel and not plastic.


Since the tensioner tightens the strapping around the package, you also need a tool to make the enclosure of the strapping, which in this case is the sealer. These tools go hand in hand and they are always used in a particular order – tightening with the tensioner and then making a high crimp seal with the strapping sealer. If your steel strapping kit happens to be missing either one of them you won’t be able to finish your strapping job.


Cutting steel is actually dangerous when doing it with a regular cutting tool. This tool may look similar to a strapping cutter tool but I wouldn’t advise you to use a regular one in case you don’t have it at your disposal. No matter how it looks, it’s important that you use it only for steel strapping since it is made so you can work more easily without the strapping slipping out and hitting you in the face. A strapping cutter has rubber pads on the sides in order to prevent this.


For storing purposes, you’ll get a dispenser so you can have the strapping available at all times since the dispenser usually comes with wheels. They also prevent the strapping from getting twisted or coiled. This way you’ll have the strapping neatly stored and available to be used at all times without having to carry it on your shoulder or people having to jump over it.


The same goes for the ribbon, and since we are talking about steel strapping they’re also going to be heavy-duty in order to hold the material in place. While there are some kits that come with wound strapping coins instead of the ribbon, it’s best that you avoid them as they hold less strapping.