The Many Purposes of Wallpaper: Add Character & Charm to Your Home

Let’s be honest, empty walls are not fun to look at, especially if they have some visible imperfections. Dressing up your walls can add charm and character to your space, make it feel more personal and cosy. And while buying expensive art is not something everyone can afford, you can always turn to not so heavy-on-the-pocket wall accessories such as wallpaper murals. They’re a great way to create a sort of theatrical backdrop, and believe it or not, they can make a room appear bigger, warmer and brighter. As one picture is worth a thousand words, your wallpaper might be worth a lot of pictures.

Shopping for wallpaper can be overwhelming, especially with so much choice everywhere you look. Some brands have devoted their time to manufacture wallpaper and murals that look incredibly real, being able to replicate nature or any other environment you wish inside your house. Komar wallpaper murals can completely change the appeal of your interior. High-quality, easy to apply and washable, you can add interest to your space with coastal design, abstract inspired themes, flowers, graphics or whatever wallpaper design your heart desires. What’s even better, Komar murals can be ideal for every room.

Give Entryways Instant Personality



Often dull, long and dark, entrance hallways are usually neglected when decorating the house. However, your hallway is the first thing that you and your visitors notice when you enter the house. Instead of being just a boring space, you can use the hallways walls to set the style and tone of your house. With the right wallpaper, you can also add some personality to space.

You can choose a wallpaper with a dramatic print and create a bold impression for your guests. The wide range of Komar wallpaper allows you to choose patterns that can complete the space and add warmth and cosiness. It might be a good idea to stay away from oversized mural prints and select a smaller repeat so you can see more of the pattern. A mural of the Aussie mountains, lovely night flowers or flora and fauna might be an ideal choice for a hallway.

Make a Bold Statement in The Living Room



Living rooms are the places where you want your decor to really show off. From choosing the perfect accent chair and adding decorative accessories to bold furniture and accent walls, you can proudly express your personality through your living room decor. One of the best things about wallpaper is the ability to transform a room into a design with depth and style. They’re the most affordable and easiest way is to make an accent wall that can be a great conversation starter. The extensive Komar wallpapers range allows you to choose a wallpaper that can contrast, bring the space together or add more colour and warmth to your living room.

If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere, it might be a good idea to opt for nature motifs. Forests, fields and botanical gardens are great to look at, while green can rest your eyes. If you want to create a contrast to a neutral and minimalistic design, you can always go for wallpaper murals in bold colours or with geometrical designs. A Komar wallpaper featuring a world map might be ideal for the living room, and it can surely spark some conversations over a glass of wine or two.

Transform Cold Corners into Cosy Nooks

If you have a free corner at your house that you intend to transform into a cosy retreat, you can choose a Komar wallpaper mural and create the interior of your dreams. The right wallpaper can give your powder room a character, make a mudroom feel loved and make snugs feel cosy. Hangin wallpaper above or below a chair rail can bring warmth and depth to a dining room or break up a very long hallway. You might mix and match wallpaper patterns above and below the chair rail. You can easily create a tropical retreat in a free corner where you can relax, watch TV or read a book.

Give Your Kitchen Some Character



As one of the most social areas of the house, you want your kitchen to be appealing to everyone who uses it. The wide range of Komar wallpapers allows you to choose a high-quality, easy to install and washable wallpaper mural that can bring a lot of energy into your home. You can opt for an eye-catching design, like monophonic glossy patterns. Since kitchens can be messy, with food and oil splattering on a busy stove, do choose the type of wallpaper carefully. You might want to stick to darker tones and over bright colours and pastels.

Pretty Florals Are Ideal for Bedrooms

Bedrooms are every homeowner’s sanctuary, a place you should be able to escape to, a safe place. This quiet refuge from the stresses of the world should be comfortable, clean and relaxing, allowing you a good night sleep. While detoxing your bedroom is one way to make the most of sleep, hanging a relaxing wallpaper can also help a lot. Knowing how to choose wallpaper for the master bedroom is about understanding your own needs. It’s about discovering the colours, textures and design elements to help you wind down at the end of the day.

One of the biggest current trends in bedrooms is the use of plant life. You can opt for floral designs in neutral and pastel shades for ultimate relaxation. It might be a good idea to keep things as restful as possible, so you want to stay away from distractive colours and patterns. Yellows and reds, for example, might be too stimulating and distract you from a good night rest.