The Purpose of Towing Mirrors

Aside from the regular rules of the road, there are also additional regulations and restrictions that anyone towing a trailer or caravan must adhere to. He must make sure that both the car and caravan he is pulling are in perfect working condition and he must properly connect the towing cables, the brakes and the lights. There is also quite a bit of essential equipment that needs to be put on the car so that one can drive it properly while attempting to minimize the risk of an accident as much as possible. In essence, the safety of not only the car’s passengers, but also all of the other vehicles on the road is the primary purpose of the additional towing equipment itself.

The most important piece of equipment when trying to transport a caravan would have to be the towing mirrors, seeing as how without them not only is your visibility low, but also if you have a trailer attached that is wider than the rear of the towing car itself, then you are in fact breaking the law by not fitting additional towing mirrors.

Tow Mirror

Towing mirrors work by placing them over the car’s original rear view mirrors so that you can be able to see behind the car properly even with the caravan in place. There are also a few things to keep in mind while trying to figure out which type of mirrors to get. You should always make sure that they can be adjusted from the driver’s seat, you should also be certain that those particular attachable mirrors can fit on your car’s standard mirrors, because loose fitting ones might vibrate or fall off. In addition, don’t forget to put them on before having to go anywhere, so that you can check if they do actually provide enough visibility.

There are also a few dangers that come with these mirrors that people need to keep in mind as well. An important one is that now you not only have to pay attention to how much additional space you are taking behind you, but since the towing mirrors make your car wider, you will need to adjust your sense of range appropriately to compensate. There is also the possibility of strong enough winds dislodging it since these mirrors are not integrated into the car like the rear views.

In the end, it’s important to remember that nothing is risk-free, especially driving down a motorway with cars speeding past you, while you’re trying to transport an elephant sized small house on wheels. But if there is a way to do all of that while trying to do everything you can to make the journey as safe as possible, then it most certainly will involve having towing mirrors.