Toyota Hiace Parts That Can Improve Your Driving Experience

4WD owners are constantly eyeing the next upgrade or aftermarket part that can make their driving more enjoyable and their vehicle more impressive. This applies even to 4WDs that are superbly manufactured like the Toyota Hiace.

The focus of these touch-ups can vary, though. Some prioritise soundproofing and waterproofing, others want more storage, and of course, there is the bunch that is always after better performance. Whatever the case, none of us would miss a good opportunity to pamper up our ride. Sometimes it’s all about the looks and image in an urban setting, while the vehicles traversing outback roads simply require reliable gear.

There is an upgrade for everyone, and we are here to inspire you with the following ones.

toyota hiace roof racks

Roof Racks – Take Everything You Need for the Road Ahead

Lack of storage options is an issue across the board. You have the luggage compartment, however, it rarely manages to fit all of your bags, tools and gear. Especially if you plan to stay on the road for quite some time.

Hence, many off-roaders decide to get practical aftermarket Toyota Hiace roof racks. This addition will allow you to mount all kinds of gear on the roof of your ride, thus doubling your storage space. Now, some of you might wonder whether you need a specific type of roof racks for your car? Aren’t roof racks universal?

Well, universal roof rack crossbars can practically be fitted to any vehicle. But going for racks made specifically for your model and make

serves two functions. First, the installation will be much easier as there will be no need for drilling, mounting, or adjusting any other component on the chassis. This is always the best installation scenario. And second, you get a rail that closely follows the curvature of the roof and this becomes very important when the rack is under heavy load.

The quality of the materials put into the Toyota Hiace roof racks also plays a crucial role. Going for stainless steel or alloy roof racks will ensure a long service life and it offers bigger confidence in your roof system. When your roof is loaded and you set out to drive, you need to be focused on traffic and not to worry about the reliability of the contraption placed up there.

To make sure you’ll have a smooth ride, never, under any circumstance, exceed the maximum loading capacity of the roof rack set. Failing to do so would result in serious or permanent damage to the chassis. And even if the damage is less severe – why expose yourself to preventable servicing costs?

Another aspect that plays into your driving experience has to do with the type of gear you use to secure the objects. Invest in load-rated straps, clutches, clamps and the like. Keeping your bike, your jerry cans or your professional equipment safe in the roof cage depends upon these small items. Dropping the ball on this is never pleasant to witness.

hiace roof rack

Boost the Power of Your Engine with a Throttle Controller

This is an upgrade for those performance-oriented drivers. Investing in an electronic throttle control can dramatically improve the response of your engine. Just to be clear, this aftermarket accelerator doesn’t add horsepower to your engine. It simply serves to establish a direct connection between you depressing the pedal and the engine pushing the vehicle forward.

You see, cars are fitted with throttle lag when you get them from the factory. They are put in place to lower gas emissions so car manufacturers comply with regulations. Putting an electronic throttle control in your steering wheel will quickly get rid of this issue. So if you have problems starting the vehicle, or you need an engine that will cooperate on steep terrain then this part can replace an elaborate engine upgrade.

Installation is fairly straightforward and can be done in minutes. You just need to tweak the plug into the steering column. Remove the original and place the throttle accelerator between the plug and the line heading for the motor. What is fascinating is you will experience a change in acceleration right away – in a time frame shorter than the installation itself.

Because of all this, please test the throttle controller on an empty road to grow accustomed to the rapid acceleration boost. And it certainly isn’t uniform. There are four different modes you can choose from.

The ultimate mode is great for off-road driving and when you need an extra push. The economic mode is great for city driving. If you don’s want to bother switching between different modes you can use the automatic. This mode will adjust the throttle controller to the style of driving at the moment. And, of course, if you want to drive your car with throttle lag, you can go to the normal mode.

hiace auto gauge

Car Gauges – Know When Not to Push Your Ride Over Its Limits

Owning a beast like the Toyota Hiace and not putting it to the limit is a real sin. Especially if you drive on unpaved surfaces – who would turn down the excitement of small rocks bouncing against the flares while the wheels turn like crazy?

It’s easy to lose yourself completely in the off-road fun, so better keep an eye that everything works properly at all times. Not easy to do, we know. But you got to take action before you push the ride past the point of no return. This refers to many car metrics, most of which can be easily monitored directly from the dashboard.

To monitor your vehicle’s vitals and notice problems as soon as they arrive, it’s recommended to install an auto gauge. Placing a water and oil temperature gauge on your dashboard helps you avoid overheating your vehicle.

The water gauges range from 40ºC to 120°C and they should remain in the lows. On the other hand, the oil temperature auto gauges measure from 50ºC to 150ºC and should remain high. When the temperature in the oil drops, the pressure changes and this can lead to many headaches.

They make them pretty slick too, so you can easily find something that blends in with your car’s interior. High-end auto gauges even give you the option to choose the colour at the touch of a button (RGB or white). Most come with a mounting bracket and all pieces of fitting hardware you’d require. If you are not comfortable pulling apart your dashboard on your own, you can head to a mechanic.

It takes some time to get used to checking new auto gauges within your field of view. Study their function closely to avoid being distracted during driving. In effect, you should only glance at them once in a while to see if any of them is getting close to a critical point. Most of the time you just need to adjust your driving to return metrics to normal. On a rare occasion, they will be an indicator of a more serious problem.