The Purpose of an Underground Service Locator

When working on a construction site, the building doesn’t even start getting planed until the location the base is to be placed on has been checked out properly. This process entails running a series of extensive tests on the soil, the stability of the ground and certain other factors that might compromise the build in a number of ways. One of these tests is checking for any pipes or cables that might be in the vicinity so as to not damage them while digging up the foundation. This is done by an instrument (or more precisely an entire category of instruments) called an underground service locator.

Underground Service Locator

An underground service locator is as its name implies is a type of device that finds the approximate location of buried services by employing one of a few types of detection technology like magnetic fields, radio frequencies, a ground penetrating radar and so on. It works on two principles. The first is by finding an electromagnetic field generated by an already present AC current. The second is by using a transmitter in tandem with the locator to find the signal that it itself sends either directly through the cable by a physical connection, or by sending it through the ground directly above the cable. Once this signal is recognized, it can easily be followed, and the length of the cable can be traced to reveal exactly where it is underground.

The underground service locator is also very useful when it comes to ensuring the safety of the construction workers themselves. Inevitably when working in excavation, you are bound to come into close proximity to a gas line, water pipe or electricity cable. Hitting any of these would be disastrous for the construction process, but more importantly it could prove to be dangerous and sometimes even fatal to any unlucky personnel that may be around during the accident. That is why there should always be special care taken in order to ensure that any such utility lines are well marked to determine their exact location.

There are many types of underground service locators that would be perfect for any particular task that’s at hand. Additionally there is also always the option of getting one of the more expensive models which generally have a wider range and more functions like determining not only the location but also the debt of the found item. Ultimately however, you can get so much general use out of any kind you get that you will never regret the purchase.